Singing Masterclass in KLPac

June 06, 2008

Hav u ever heard of KLPac(Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre)?well..funny thing 4 me..I've been der but I didn't noe it's called KLPac..It's near da Koi Centre..mayb u shld go visit der.. nice scenary..Their official website=>

So..I woke up late..yea..gotto eat maggi mee cz late d..Went n pick Xinyi up n gathered in 7Eleven..funny stuff happened between Wei Lon n me..both of us noob..XD..uh..nvm..Well..v reached KLPac..n saw SeaField performing..oo..they r our opponent in da choir competition on 12th June 2008..
me n Jin Yee..
da entrance..

After da masterclass,while waiting 4 Xinyi's dad,I studied omg wit Yi Ming n group..
spot me..
me,Mama,Meu Ye,Xinyi
us + Heng Bong + Zu Lynn

I left early n didn't stay for da night concert n tuition at nite..see,I damn hardworking..So..the night performance..heard it was great!
nice building!
night performance..
u nid one?

Oh NOOOO...exams in anthr 3more days..sry guys,I'm a total nerd now..

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