School Anniversary!!

June 30, 2008

I thnk..dis is my 1st time waking up SO early by myself =)..

Normally,my mom gotto bang da door,scream my name,or scare me jus 2 wake me up..Liki is now half-grownup bcz she knows how 2 wake up by herself..early leh!!6am!!Saya berasa bangga betul!!

It's da skl anniversary tdy..V nid 2 perform..Sad to say,it's our,form5 last,Tik Lam n a few of us agreed 2 hav fun no matter wat..NO MATTER WHAT!

V were NOT late tdy!!Rmb how v used 2 embarassed ourselves last performance during Hari Merdeka?Thanks 2 Mr.Michael..yea,him..He scolded us as's not like our fault wtf..Well,v watched da f6 drama agn..come 2 thnk of it,v're watchin it for da 4th time(including 2 rehearsals,1 morning performance and 1 afternoon performance)..It's still funny tdy..Joey,u change clothes damn fast wey!!Well-trained..LOLx..

When v were on stage,v're all smiling happily..stress-free..v planned 2 jus simply sing n perform..enjoy for da last time..Suddenly I heard Tanesh.."Eh,Kenapa byk org sgt ni?"..LOLx..I bet he did not realise how loud he said tt..wait..was it Jie Min?I can't rmb..I rmb da 1st row girl including me was laughin..Next,the mic was damn close 2 Yik Luei,his voice memang damn loud he's holdin a mic..evry1 was tellin me how seductive n how man his voice was..Da funniest thing is,v nvr realised how fast v sang the skl anthem..Normally,after v won a certain competition tt represent skl,v'll go "Tersengam megah di Selangor.." in a faster v were quite "high" and sing according to our normal tempo..It was SOOOOO freakin old grandma and wonder students fall asleep singin skl anthem evry mon..

Afternoon performance lar..da students were unsupportive and spiritless..dis is why I hate performing for da afternoon session..waste effort..they dun appreciate at all..but v did sing skl anthem according to the tempo dis time..nyahaha..

I reli did enjoy singing tdy..thanks so much,guys..

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