You've Made Me Love You,By Just Bein You

June 23, 2008

weeeee....finally get 2 hang out wit my Jiunn Heng..I reached der abt 10.30am?quite early,yes I noe,he said 11 sumthing but since I'm early,I didn't call him up,instead I went shoppin books in Popular Bookstore omg..I went early so..ermm..kinda kena kacau by quite a lot of guy..T.T.."Ah Moi..cantik ar..pergi mana?".."Ah Moi seorang ke?"..went Mini Toons n bought sumthing for Mark..=)..a guy came over n said "Can I hav ur num?"..O.o.."lone shopping" is quite fun..but it doesn't last..I'll get bored shopping myself..

He reached abt hour after I reached..jus walked around n he got so much 2 catch up..>.<..guess I talked a lot tdy..nyahaha..damn sket I 4get I left out anything.. Watched Kung Fu cute weyy!we were late and missed da beginning..sry >.<..I almost fell asleep on ur shoulder..Chee Kin is rite..dis panda sumhow reminds me of Yi Chin =/

So after that,went Popular Bookstore agn!omg..I've entered tt bookstore more than 3 times d..=_=..I dun wanna b nerd..n Jiunn Heng,v shld STOP talkin abt exams..=_=I noe it bothers too..I jus wanna 2 feel relax n comfortable when I'm wit u..=)

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