Bon Odori 2008

July 13, 2008

Bon Odori 2008!!I've been waiting it dis since last yr!!ngek ngek..Tdy is oso da 1st day for Cheer 2008..I x go watch tdy..went Bon Odori instead..Bon Odori is actually a ghost festival in Japan..haha..And I'm SO EXCITED!!Kah Men and I going 2 dance on stage!!!

I went 2 pick up Wei Lon frm Sri Petaling LRT station..den went 2 Kah Men's hse and she took us der..
1st photo of da day!!
posing wit da fan!=)
Yi Lynn,me,Kah Men
girl wit Kimono

Kah Men and I asked Wei Lon and Yi Lynn 2 get us sum food while us,waiting 4 our skl 2 arrived..V've gotto perform ltr..
ice-cream tt I missed last yr..LOVE IT!!
Wei Lon..nice guy..
act yeng..nyahaha
me and Kah Men..
Kah Men and backstage..
can gap japanese guys..XD
me and Mershel(my primary skl fwen)'s aunty..
da stage..
us wit da japanese ppl..
me and Kah Men
gonna start d..
tt guy tt broke his arm..I gotto salute him..
pretty girls..
start liao..

Kah Men and I went up stage for Part2..v were so close wit those jap boys..YAY!!haha..After tt,v sneaked out..went 2 toilet and changed bak our clothes 2 join our fwens..>.<
yay!!thanks 2 Xian Tze 4 dis photo!!^^
Kah Men,Rachel,me,Wei Lon,Yik Luei and Leon..
us agn..
Wei Lon..punching me..
found my classmates =)
Kah Men,me,Andrew,Ee Lynn and Rebecca..
guess he's proud..
Kah Men..must b looking at me..HAHA
My fwens..makan damn byk!!
bye bye..
Japanese boys..XD
found my seniors..Wen Chuen covering my face..
I'm vry happy 2 c bak my dance partner.Gin Min..bside me..grey colour shirt..
Miaw Fen was der as well..
dis thing scares's high..
public toilet..kawaii rite?
wat's wit da Doraemon der?@_@

After tt,I went 2 Kah Men's hse..
Kah Men and I in her room..
Kah Lynn..
damn tired wey..tml got Cheer!!told ya it's exciting weekend..XD..

It'd b more fun if u're der..

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