Cheer 2008

July 13, 2008

Woke up late dis morning..
and evry1 sms and call me 2 asked whether I've early..well..I reached der when lunch time and our skl wil b performing right after lunch..GO CALYX!!!

I waited for Jason 2 take me 2 backstage..and I found Julius..he followed as well..haha..
ngek ngek..
Miaw Fen and me..
love love
Shi Ning's hair..damn CHUN!!
Edmund and Liki..
Liki..Yik Luei and Wei Lon..
da judges..
Jia Cheng..sneaked in..but ltr kena halau by guard..>.< many ppl!!
Yik Luei and Wei Lon..

our school cheerleaders..CALYX!!
MC syok sendiri..
Dynamitez mascott..
Shi and Penny
Liki and Lily!!

Oh yea,I left I hav 2 balik kampung T.T..So didn't get 2 c da last team-Shirliff..and they got Champion!!HMPH!!!I told Xian Tze 2 record 4 me lar..and record Charm All-Star 4 me..XD..
Charm All-Star
Champion of dis yr's cheerleading!!-Shirliff!!1st runner up-Dynamitez
2nd runner up-Stunners All-Boys

Thanks so much Xian Tze..U helped me a lot..sry 4 forgetting 2 take photos wit u AGAIN!!T.T..nvm..Campfire u coming rite? XD..

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