Chemicals can be naughty sumtimes..

July 17, 2008

I've realised sumthing..

I'm graduating soon..and I dun reli understand a single thing I studied in Form4 and Form5..I dun understand wat m I studying for..and why?Do u study bcz u reli like it?Or do u study jus 2 pass ur exam?Evry1 started studying for SPM..toiling over the mountain..while I tv and on9..Even Jason stopped blogging!!garhhh!!

V made soap in chemistry class tdy..weee~~...FUN!!Playing wit da soap..purposely make my hand oily(rub da palm oil)..den use da soap v made 2 wash..Da soap v made..was different frm othrs..Othr group soap was white in colour..and ours was brown in colour..Chun kan?XD
duck bcum nurse soap..
cupcake soap
sushi soap
plane soap for kids..

Well,at least it formed foam..NYAHAHA..our soap special mar..

I'm soooo in love wit soap..I love bathing..>.<

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