Chin Ming's Bday!!

July 28, 2008



It's Chin Ming's bday tdy!!Weee~~..Anthr outting wit fwens..Haven't been out wit them 4 quite sum time adi..Dis is like..shld b..last gathering b4 SPM..T.T..Went MV wit Ren Hong 4 movie wit Yik Luei as well..V went 2 buy Chin Ming's bday present!!
Posing wit my present.. was ytd..bak 2 tdy..I woke up damn early cz Chin Ming say he'll b reaching my hse around 10-10.15am..LOL..and I took quite long time 2 prepare..well..Chin Ming came abt 10.20am..XD..Once v reached SP,Chin Ming n I went 2 bought ticket for 11ppl(if I'm x mistaken)..Then,Chun Hui reached..followed by Kah Men den Sin Yoong n Jia Pei..YEAP..V watched Dark Knight..Yik Luei,u're LATE!

Anyway..Dark Knight is wat evry1 else said..I covered my eyes using tissues..hand..jacket..covered my ears..covered my mouth..LOL..It is SCARY k!!RELI!!I shld sit bside Chun Hui..since he was laughing der..=_=..After movie,met up wit othrs like Ren Hong,Wei Ji,Leon n Samuel..

V went 2 The UnderShop n bought Boxers 4 Chin Ming..LOL..vry cute wan!!and forced him 2 wear 2 skl tml..XD..
v entered dis shop 2 buy Chin Ming's boxer..
1st time enter..sure must take pic lar!
Samuel..damn funny weyy..he asked 2 take his own measurement 2 buy Chin Ming's size

Then,went 2 Sakae Sushi..
Leon,torturing da poor puppy..
yum yum~
can I eat?XD
Ren Hong and Wei Ji
Bullying Sin Yoong
Liki and Kah Men

It took quite sum time 4 them 2 decide whether wanna go skating..BUT finally..v all went skating..except 4 Ren Hong,Wei Ji and Chun Hui..Xian Tze joined us too!!
Skating luuu~
Sin Yoong and Liki
Jia Pei and Liki
Liki and Leon(half-face)
Samuel and Liki
Yik Luei and Liki
Xian Tze and Liki
go skating luuu~~
lame chin ming
wit his lame prank
Jia Pei,Liki and Kah Men
Guys World
Girls world
Liki and Kah Men

HAHA..Overall,it's a FUN day..Although no cake n stuff..I love going out wit my fwens..I miss them..

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