Choir Installation

July 11, 2008

The day has come..The day tt all of da f5 officially retiring..awww..sad!!I'm OLD!!gahh..Anyway,I noe da juniors prepared dis 4 vry vry long and they put lots of effort in it..

All of da f5(us) promised 2 gathered at foyer b4 v went 2 sports centre..V wanna go tghr..=)..Once v were der..Da juniors were all at da stairs..they dun wanna let us cute!!
see..all of them..=)

took sum photos b4 v went upstairs..
Juliana and I..
Calvin doin da so-called Bon odori dance..which..looks like octopus..
balooo and me..

Then,da juniors welcomed us up..
photos b4 entering da choir room..
damn excited..

Once da door opened,v gotto do da limbo..and der's name in evry chair..XD..
my chair..
v sat down..
da juniors..

V started off by Pn.Yap giving speech..
Yik Luei's funny pose when he giving speech..
Me,giving speech..XD
saw da "Installation" word?
love da design!!
performance by Jian Yaw..
see how happy r we..
me,Mei Qi,Juliana and Xinyi
da cards 4 each of us were hanging head damn pain searching 4 me card..too short >.< anthr performance by juniors..
Nian Xin's mom,hu prepared da food..
Ms Wong,she's leaving..T.T
Jie Min dancing..
then Thanesh joined..
form 4 commitee performing..
da small souvenirs frm choir..
juniors msg 4 us..
YAY..we joined in da performance..
Yik Luei and my card..sorta stuck tghr..can't take it off..
Me and Ms Wong..
me,Tik Lam and Joey..
enjoying da foods..
Chia Feng and Calvin..don't they look alike?
having lotsa fun!!
love mama..and u all!!
me and Wei Lon
Tik Lam-me-Calvin posing wit our souvenirs..
Joey and me..
Cj..came late!!
apa ni?cacat!!
haha..I'll miss them so much!!
me..signing on da board..
aim properly lar..
Yik Luei and me..
Jiunn Heng came bak..jus 4 a lil while..
I wonder wat's wit da plate..
I was damn blurr..wonder wat was I thnking..
tt funny..
I got headache..
v were playing games..
yea..dis game..
Calvin looks like he slapped Tik Lam's face..
me and CJ..
next game..finding ur own shoe game..
evry1 looking..CJ and I found our shoes 1st!!
CJ loves Calvin byk!
I wrote it wit my toes!!
compare wit better?
and my vry vry good fwens..
aren't they cute?
I noe they r..
I am stil wondering hu's hand is tt..I thnk is CJ!!
dis pic's so funnY!!
kissy kissy!!
"oh.sry sry"
Raymond sleeping?nah..he sket da baloon..
bcz Cj did dis..
and Ee Zhen ran in da closet..
act cute..
one family..
clockwise from left:Sin Chien,Ee Zhen,Meu Ye,Liki,Tik Lam,Chia Feng
I drew dis in Raymond's thumbnail..nice rite?

I went totally blank when giving speech..=_=..well..anyway,I wil always love choir..

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