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July 26, 2008

Ytd shopped til so late..kinda lazy 2 go skl actually..but I didn't not regret goin 2 skl tdy..It's been a real GREAT day..I'm so gonna miss skl..I MUST enjoy skl life..I onli left few months b4 I graduate..

Early in the morning,our skl band had final performance b4 their NATIONAL competition in Stadium Merdeka..U guys goin 2 cheer them?It's on next wed,30th July 2008,8pm-11pm..^^

our skl band

Ok,I admit..I didn't listen during assembly..hmm..There's actually a talk abt ermm..sum minda thingy by da Brands Chicken Essence..LOL..which I didn't listening..Good thing is..evry1 get 2 drink 1..Wee~~Sum ppl hate it..Sum ppl like it..I like it..

So after da talk,v went bak 2 class 2 celebrate Pn.Yap's bday..
bday cake..delicious!!
cute doll..
The marks after da candles n figure were removed make a FOOTPRINT!Da title of our class book!
super big card v've got for her..by Yi Rui
where evry1's name in it..sign?

Went 2 Ms Teoh's hse n brought pizza der..It was Chun Hui's idea,claiming tt it was his bday..n tt bday cake was ment 4 him..LOL..
in domino..dis wasn't posing..seriously..

Then..v went 2 Ms Teoh's hse..where V SERIOUSLY celebrated Chun Hui's fake bday..

Chun Hui..gan dong=feel touch?HAHA

It seems like SPM is getting nearer n nearer..V're doin crazier stuff jus 2 destress..It worked!

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