Friends Are The Sunshine Of Life

July 09, 2008

Sigh..didn't went out wit Tien Yi when she's in Malaysia..and she's goin bak on dis thurs..I'm gonna miss her so much..I wonder when is da next time I'll c her..

Well..I hav a group of cute fwens..They bet on hu's gonna win and lose in a football match(Euro 2008)..If the team they bet lost,they gotto go bold..So..Daecan,Samuel,etc..lost..they all went bold!It's jus..funny..seeing them in bold..Daecan head looks smaller,Samuel looks like he jus came bak frm NS..

Btw,?Y does reading storybook makes me weird?=_=..
I'm currently reading dis storybook..and Daecan saw me reading,then borrow me a DVD da next day..Thanks so much Daecan!!

gotto prepare tissue b4 watching dis..=(

I love rainy days..

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