Laughter is the BEST medicine..

July 08, 2008

I've nvr laughed so happily for such a long time..Thanks 2 Tik Lam,he made my day!!

I was tired tdy cz ytd *secret*..alar..not wat u thnk ok?dun thnk yellow..I was thnking of skipping skl but since I'm leaving skl in anthr 3-4 months?I shld appreciate my skl days..enjoy it 2 da fullest..

No 10th period tdy..and Tik Lam "ponteng" n came over 2 my class..Since I sit bside da door(for dis week),he walked in and chat wit me..Jie Min and Tanesh came too..Basically,our class bcame "the class 2 enter if u wanna ponteng 10th period"..=_=..

Tik Lam was funny tdy..He told me abt da retarded teddy,and I thought it was the othr teddy..ahh..complicated..But it's funny though..Wui Liem passed by my class n saw me laughing..he said dis 2 CJ(Cj came in a lil while) "Dun make her laugh,ltr she get pregnant"..

Wait a sec,how does laughing make me pregnant?..If laughing make ppl pregnant,den evry1 is pregnant,tell me hu dun laugh in their'm pregnant cz I laugh!!MUAHAHAHA..If der's sum1 hu laugh n get pregnant,da 1st person i can thnk of is Kai Lin..she laugh like silly girl lar..
And,sitting bside da door is not reli a good thing..Tik Lam poke me..Jie Min use da book n hit my bak..Sean Paul messed up my hair..Wei Chuen blockin da sunlight,standing bside me trying 2 act tall..

But I stil love sitting beside da door..

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