Odyssey Aeon 2008

July 20, 2008

Woah..I am so excited!!!Waited 4 for the campfire quite long..Too bad it's da last campfire in my skl..they wun organized it anymore..T.T..I couldn't sleep da nite b4 the campfire..I'll b performing at nite..performance pass n autograph book

I reli hope I could put up a good performance..Anyway,dis year's scout campfire theme was "Odyssey Aeon 2008" and the chairman was none othr than
Mr.Chua Li Shawn!!

I noe,I damn yeng..I haven't decide wat clothes 2 wear and I onli decided it the night b4 campfire..and dis is wat I'm wearing..
except it's not skirt..I'm wearing short white pants..

Eu Chin told me 2 gather in skl at 9am to check sound..and last rehearsal..well,I reached 9.30am..and I saw Yee Sook's group,"Sphinx" were dancing..rehearsal for tonight..
Sphinx..they were so cool!!

Kah Yan and I waited quite long b4 v start our rehearsal..I even told Kah Yan 2 warm up b4 go rehearsal..XD..
Kah Yan and I..jus woke up..
me and Jin Yee(new head prefect of CHS)
Xian Tze and I(finally got photo wit u!!)
My videoman for the night!
da juniors..having fun..
do da chicken dance!!

I'll say..our rehearsal suck..the mic got prob..it delayed..Like when i sing,da voice tt came out is slower..and..Kah Yan and I haven't reli warm up yet..So Eu Chin was like"Liki..go drink sum water and warm up"..and..Wei Chuen der..saying tt we sucked..I "patah semangat"..I almost cried..I want 2 give up..thanks 2 Ken Wei,Wei Lon and Xian Tze for cheering me up..u guys brought my spirit bak..I'll do my BEST performance at nite..
I wil do my best tonight..
Liki and Kah Yan
We'll do out best!!U better watch out!!

After having lunch wit Wei Lon n Xian Tze,Kah Yan followed me bak 2 my hse 2 take a bath n prepared 2 go performance d..V had 2 get bak skl by 5.30pm..It's kinda rush..
went saloon 2 set my hair..
nice?It hurts a lot..T.T

V rushed bak 2 skl..and v haven't make up!
Liki and Wei Lon
dis is wat Kah Yan and I wore..

Kah Yan n I had no where 2 go,evry1 were so busy..V went 2 Sports Centre and took short nap..It's been whole day v've sang n get prepared..ltr,Sphinx member came so v had accompany!!Shi Ning helped me 2 draw eye liner..and my make up was thick!!GArHH!!
Wei Chuen and Liki(after make up)
Ren Hong and Wei Chuen
Ren Hong and Liki..my make up damn thick rite?
Shi Ning and Liki
thanks 4 da eye liner^^

Thanks 2 Jason 4 buying me food..I was so hungry man!!After make up,eat,prepared evrything,Kah Yan n I decided 2 watch da performances..^^
took a photo of myself b4 goin..ok,yea,my make up is SOOOO thick!!

When v reached der..
nice rite?
woah!!cool..da fire!!
and our skl lion dance performance!!
our skl HOT chick!

Then,I was definately SHOCKED when I saw Yik Luei!!
black shirt in the nite..I can't c u lar!!
and Wei Lon thought u were my shadow cz he can't c u either..NYAHAHA!

Sumthing happened jus rite b4 performance..sry..it's private..(where's evry when I nid comfort?)..sighh..Just right after the chicken dance,is our turn 2 perform..I reliii hope Kah Yan n I can do our best..

Kah Yan n I quickly ran on stage when Eu Chin called my hp..and..da spotlight were jus on me!!So pai sehhhh weyyy...I haven't even got a mic YET..and the spotlight..zzzz..oh yea,v were called "Happy Two Friends" as our group name 2 sing tt nite..XD

nvm,below r da pictures and videos of our performance..
Me..Kah Yan..it's vry easy 2 differentiate,I hav long hair,Kah Yan's short..
having fun..singing..singing outdoor is harder than singing indoor
look at the audiences hand..
I love da crowd
da crowd were so supportive..
nvm..I can't c any1 wit da spotlight..der's onli 1 spotlight..
and finally..

our video..

Kah Yan got a flower frm a guy,and I got sum book frm a guy..evry1 were shocked..Wei Lon n Yik Luei told me they were afraid tt da guy might 2 do sumthing 2 me..O.o..watch da video..

Ok,yea,Kah Yan n I both went off tune..kinda sucked..I noe..But it's reli hard 2 sing outdoor..plus *sumthing happened b4 da show!!*

But..I'm so happy when evry1 said Kah Yan and I did a vry vry good show..evry1 loves us(at least those ppl tt I noe)..yea,btw,V sang "Lemon Tree" and "When You Look Me In The Eyes"..I'm so touched tt..da ppl were so supportive..the waves their hand..screamed "FUIYOHHHH...LENG LUIIIIII".."WE'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU".."ENCORE ENCORE!!"...Oh god..I m reli reli touched..Yik Luei,Thanks 4 taking my photo..^^..Xian Tze,Thanks 4 da video^^

After our performance,it's refreshment time!!
OMG..I looked like clown!
Yik Luei,Wen Jie,Leon,Wei Chuen n me (clockwise frm left)

Sphinx performance faces sum trouble..da plug came off when they dance so da music stopped..n they played da WRONG song!!..So..they were crying in backstage..they've been practicing so long ed..

By the end of the campfire,
I was shocked!
MC: Benjamin n Nyit Yang
I'm stil shocked!

Well,many things happened behind..so after da campfire,evry1 was sooo emo..Jason,me,Xian Tze was sitting..n v're all quiet..da scouts too..Wei Kuang..Eu Chin..evry1 was down..

I went home around 12am..
reli exhausted..

Anyway,I was so happy tt my primary skl fwens (othr skl) recognised me n say I sang great..thanks so much,girl..

It's definately a day 2 thnk back next time..I love performing..singing wit Kah Yan..shall v do it agn next time?XD

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