Photo Session For Graduates

July 03, 2008

It was da photo sessions for graduates tdy..1st session was frm 5S1-5S4..2nd session was frm 5S5-5SF2..1st photo session(5S1-5S4) took quite a long time..Next was us..Supposingly 4 photo shoot for normal/serious look and 4 photo shoot for free style..

Da 4 photo shoot for normal/serious look was ok..but da 4 photo shoot for free style was disastrous!da 1st photo for free style,da whole 5S7 ran down n cover da thcr's in front..da 2nd photo was jus the same..when it came 2 3rd and 4th,thcr all jus walked away and when I turned my head 2 da bak,NONE of the thcr's were sitting der..

yes..I admit tt v,students might b a bit too over..but at least thcrs' could say "Students,u're blocking da tchr's bhind.." politely? V WILL,definately moved away so v wun cover da thcrs..but they walked away..JUST LIKE THAT..It supposed 2 b our LAST photo shoot and v shld have fun..enjoy wearing skl uniform for da last time..I thought thcrs were supposed 2 b role model..If da tchr dun respect us,how they gonna expect us 2 respect them?

I'm actually quite disappointed wit da thcrs'..I used 2 respect them as a part of my 2nd home..evrything changes..

I shall jus stay as a good girl for anthr 3 months till graduation den I've done my part of being a student..See..I respect my thcrs,I do my homework,and I'vr nvr broke any skl rules..

In class:
Jason sat bside me when Shi Ning went for cheerleading practise..Thanks 4 accompanying me=)
our BM tchr..
my classmates hu supported u guys!!

Happy Bday to Pn.Lim Yoke Keng and to the thcrs hu might read my blog: I didn't post it up 2 offend any1 of u..It's jus my feeling of being a student..

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