Report Card Day!!

July 23, 2008

WOOOOO...Bigg day!!Report Card day is da day where ur parents meet up wit the thcrs..n talked abt ur bad stuff in class..XD..Well,I nvr worried abt it,I'm such a good girl..Except making noises in class..

V onli hav 3periods of class tdy..Lots of ppl brought hp they were bluetooth-ing in class..LOL..Took photos tdy!!Derrick,Xian Tze,Jason..ok well.those tt brought hp wit camera..Well,it's da LAST report card day in CHS mar..So..hav 2 take photo!!>.< Welcome To 5s5!
Xian Tze..he damn cute wan leh rushing my homework..
obviously,I'm stil sleepy..
Shi Ning n I..abusing Xian Tze's Handycam..
Derrick and I
Jay Wvin and Liki
da pen pointing at Jason..XD
Liki and blur Sin Chien
1 years plus sitting bside dis girl..
yeap..v joked a lot..
rushing hw..

*pic removed*

I told Jason 2 make a funny face..>.< Xian Tze and Liki..I suka dis pic byk

Yes..I was rushing my add math homework bcz v're supposed 2 hand in ytd..I rushed da whole day!!AND..I forgot 2 hand in!!AHHHHHH

What a memorable Report Card Day huh?

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