To Summarise The Summary Of The Summary : People Are A Problem

July 03, 2008

We're INNOCENT!!It's NOT our fault..Recently,our class blog has been thcr's topic..We were told tt it was quite famous among the tchrs..

Ms Ashikin came in 2 our class n told us abt us teasing her in our blog..When she said tt,v were all stunt..I looked at Shi Ning n stared and tchr..confused..What makes her say v teased her in our class blog?She even said our class was arrogant,selfish,thnks v're all so smart yet doesn't want to listen 2 tchr when they teach..etc..

Our class blog onli talks abt Class trip,da newspaper thingy,revision books,Class chinese book,Ian promoting his chinese blog,Xian Tze talkin abt experiment,Lee Young showing his "E=MC2" theory..and the onli tchr v ever teased was Mr.Michael!!I admit,da poll abt Mr.Michael is something v shldn't do but..
It sounded so serious right now..

I thnk v better do something abt it..or our class is doomed..

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