A trip to The Japanese School Of Kuala Lumpur

July 10, 2008

Tired..Matriculation Seminar tdy..Not interested lar..fell asleep in Dewan Kuliah..oh yea,and LPS photo session agn..da last time v took,der's no Pn.Lee Li Lian..dis time v took,she's not der as well..so I hav no idea y do v hav 2 take agn..no point..

After skl,went 2 The Japanese School Of Kuala Lumpur(JSKL)..30 students 4 our skl went..and der's onli 1 small boy frm afternoon session..damn cutee...I went der wit Kah Men and yea,da Japanese boys and girls were so CUTE..ngek ngek ngek..>.< I thnk dis 2 r da cute ones..>.<

V were da representative of CHS tt went JSKL 2 learn the Japanese O-Bon dance. There were 4 traditional dances and they were the Dai Tokyo Ondo (大東京音頭), Hanagasa Ondo (花笠音頭), Tokyo Ondo (東京音頭) and Ohisama Ondo (おひさま音頭).Anyway,onli 5 students frm our skl were chosen 2 perform up stage..and I'm 1 of the lucky five..

Went tuition after tt..damn tired..went home and jump 2 bed straight..

People!!Must go Bon Odori 2008 in Stadium Matsushita!!!I'll b der at 5pm..So many ppl is going..those tt I noe is..Calvin,Keenen,Xian Tze,Wei Lon,Yik Luei(I'm surprised),Derick,..etc.

See u guys der..=)

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