August 21, 2008

20082008!!It's Double Match..and it onli happened once in a life time..ppl,how's ur day?I woke up early..yea..tee-hee

I went SP wit Xian Tze,Jason n Mark..B4 tt,I went 2 MV 2 drop my bro..he's goin movie wit his skl mates..Anyway..I wasn't late!!mayb a lil..nahh..
I reli suka dis!!
Jason..lookin 4 present..
like business man eh..
I promise Jason not 2 post it up..>.<
Mark..trying 2 eat tt spicy noodles..HAHA
but he couldn't finish it..
blur effectJason..wat u doin..
Liki and Mark(no smoking)

Then v went 4 movie..V watched Wall E..So cute weyy..I laugh n laugh..HAHA..
so cute ar!!!
#1 Jason n Liki
#2 Jason n LikiMark..eating my potato chips..WAHAHA
Liki and Xian Tze
Jason,Liki and Xian Tze
Mark,Liki and Xian Tze..

Was so tired after tt..but I stil go tuition..haha..hardworking leh?okok..start STUDY!!!

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