Bulan Penghayatan Merdeka Celebration

August 12, 2008

Today is Michael's Big Day(sry tt I sounded like u,Bobo)..I woke up extra early bcz I gotto reach skl at 6.30am for choir..as usual,I was late..but at least I reached b4 7am!XD..Once I reached skl,Bobo,Jay Wvin n I practised 4 our competition..O.o..
oh yes..me wit 3 flags..
Kheng Hoe and me
Liki and Wei Lon

So da contestant of Traditional Costume Competition gathered in Chemistry lab n choir members gathered in Biology lab..tee-hee..While preparing,I went 2 open da "Part Poppers"..damn nice 2 play leh..See,CJ..I ajak-ed u leh..haha..bak 2 us..Bobo,Jay Wvin n I were so nervous..V actually worked quite hard 4 dis competition..frm planning 2 competing..V stayed back on some days 2 go as far as Shah Alam 2 search 4 costumes,Bobo stayed up late 2 search 4 songs wit me..V put our brains 2 work till its maximum 2 learn da traditional moves..

V jus wanna enjoy it..=)

V were da 4th contestant..Yik Luei's group was da 1st 2 go,followed by Juliana..and Tik Lam..den me..I can say..Yik Luei definately shocked me agn..by rolling out 2 da stage =_=..Juliana,who claimed 2 make a fool out of herself..wore sunglasses n dance..well,it's cute ^^..Tik Lam,ermm..I didn't reli get 2 c..cz I was too nervous 2 notice wat's goin around me..>.<

we got 2nd place!!
Bobo,Liki and Jay Wvin
at least v won!=)
Xian Tze and Liki
da winners..spot me!^^
Winners: Juliana (3rd place) Liki (2nd place) Yik Luei (1st place)
us and a bunch of choir ppl..
Winners + Kheng Hoe + Meu Ye

After da competition,I went bak 2 choir..it's gonna b choir performance soon..dis time choir performance is a lil special..v x hav 2 wear choir uniform..but,all of us gotto wear traditional costumes..any traditional costume..most of da girls wore malay..and most of da guys wore chinese..I'm da onli 1 tt wore Sarawak costume.. Well..V had fun singing on stage..except wit Michael yelling der.."Semangat a bit!!" "LOUDER!!LOUDER!!!" "Ur eyes stil glued 2 her(our conductor)" wat's his prob..he nvr knew wat is choir abt..All he noe is askin us 2 sing louder..and singing louder doesn't mean tt v're good..doesn't he noe tt it's open-air n da sound can't travelled so far wit so many disturbance?and he was yelling at us when v were stil singing on stage..Is tt respect?
Choir's vry own Powerpuff girls..CUTEEEE

After choir performance,I had recess wit choir members..den I rushed bak 2 class cz I miss Ms.Ashikin..HAHA..I missed her class last week..so I thought I could rushed bak 4 her class..I onli managed 2 b in class for 10-15minutes..Well,at least better than ntg..I miss my class..T.T..Ms.Ashikin told us v were supposed 2 b No.1..but our songs were too long..I thought our song was less than 2minutes?Nahh..it doesn't matter.. For afternoon performance..Michael scolded me n CJ 4 being late - v were so NOT late..CJ n I went 2 look 4 Fiona in 5S6 2 get da key 4 choir platform..yet,he yelled at us frm far..wit those perarakan ppl..thcrs..students..make it short..EVERYONE!!and he made me kicked a rock n run on tar road..did I mentioned tt Cj n I were bare-footed?CJ n I were ready b4 12.30pm..and v jus look 4 Fiona 4 da darn key..V wasn't LATE!!!AT ALL!!!
dis is da "Party Poppers" I'm talkin abt..

Gahh..I dun wan waste my energy on him..CJ,me,Bobo n Jay Wvin open da "Party Poppers" agn..HAHA..Chun lar..nice 2 play..Afternoon performances were better than morning,but morning student were better than afternoon student..Afternoon students were not supportive(as usual).. After evrything end,v went up 2 choir room..relax..took photos..N opps..I skipped my lunch..>.<..Managed 2 c 5s6 n 5S7 futsal competition..Funny cz I nvr watched a futsal competition b4.. Onli Kheng Hoe is da weird guy wit sunglasses
ermm..apa ni?
tik lam..doin his kung fu
Cj and Liki
Liki and Calvin
Miaw Fen and Liki
Liki and Cj..wahaha..
Cj in his pyjamas..
let's kill Datuk Low Kheng Hoe
act yeng..
I dunno wat Calvin is trying 2 do..
Calvin..Liki and Wei Lon

Bobo,Jay Wvin n I were satisfied wit our placing..V nvr planned 2 get any prizes..all v wanted 2 do is hav fun..n enjoy 4 da last time..da best thing is,I dun hav 2 involved in Michael's Day anymore..=)
at least v've got 2nd rite?
thanks Jay Wvin..yea..v noe hu the real champion is..=)

Once agn..Thank u Bobo and Jay Wvin 4 giving me a sweet memorable Michael's Day

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