Choir Gathering @ My Hse!

August 04, 2008

It's anthr choir party..da main reason for ytd's choir party was 2 celebrate us,seniors,Form5 finally retire and oso for Chs Idol 2008 commitee..Choir party was held in my hse..and it started at 4pm..

Calvin was da 1st 2 reached..and he reached around 1-2pm..den of course,he helped me 2 arrange tables n chairs..
look at Hippy 0.o..

I was kinda worried cz by 4pm.der's onli 2ppl reach!gahhh..but..luckily,quite many ppl came..^^
Meu Ye and Liki..she got addicted 2 my tv..
Tik Lam and..
see closely..
compare wit Calvin's T-shirt..XD
dun thnk negative!
Meu Ye and Liki
Calvin and Tik Lam
look at those smiles..
Tik Lam..Liki and Meu Ye
Wei Lon and Liki
haha..wat u doin?!
Calvin and Wei Lon
Calvin and Liki
Meu Ye and Liki agn..HAHA
Calvin's T-shirt..
found me?
look at our group pose..wit Hippy~
Liki and Xinyi
makan makan!
ghost Tik Lam..not scary at all..=_=
v rock kan?>.< having fun playing games..
Kheng Hoe and Liki
my beloved juniors..
Shi Ning..u sangat strong!!Can u feel da love?
lil boy..
leng chai leh..Dennis and Liki
Kheng Hoe,Wei San,Liki and Wei Lon
da lil girl tt likes me..weee~..*perasan*
Shi Ning trying 2 imitate me XD
a pic with a thousand words..
Janice's bro
ermm..._____*fil in da blanks urself*
Liki and Shi Ning
Yik Luei and Liki
HAHA!Shi Ning in love wit da
kawaii Yik Luei
Calvin..u duno how 2 hold camera wan..=_=


Thanks 4 coming..I had a great time!^^

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