August 17, 2008

Chin Ming suddenly had a party..which..ermm..2 celebrate his bro's bday,his grandma bday and his own bday since it's all fall on da same month..or near each othr..

Leon,Yik Luei n a few more went early..around 1pm 2 play badminton..I went 2 Chin Ming's hse wit Lily..she tumpang my car..and it's da 1st time she's visiting Chin Ming's hse..>.<..quite a lot of ppl reach der le..Did I mentioned all girls supposed 2 wear skirt? waiting 4 dis Lily~ Yes Lily..u look good wit MY skirt..
sharing boxer?*ahem*
can't stop camwhoring wit u..zzz..
ur t-shirt damn cute weyy..
Calvin n Liki
Timo wan wan!!
tt satay guy was der since afternoon O.o
ok..dis is x da 1st time I went 2 ur hse..
Lily..stop stalking da girls..
purple shirt wit purple heart..LOL..
pink shirt wit pink heart..
Chin Ming's room..
ignore us..I love photos wit Lily
clockwise: Lily,Liki,Wei Ji,Wai Kit,Wen Jie n Calvin
v're da non-S3!!
dis is a vry..swt photo..
Wai Kit..u dun hav 2 act short..=_=
Wen Jie seemed drunk..
jus jk..
Wei Ji camera-shy wan mer?
guess hu is dis..
posing wit my bag..XD
bully Chin MING!!
bday cake..and Chin Ming's grandma
cake cake!
retarded Timo..
and blur Leon
Calvin trying 2 act yeng..=_=
Timo n Lily
Lily trying 2 rape Wen Jie
I wun wanna rape Wen Jie =_=
da 2A4 2005..and I miss them..T.T
and 1A4 2004 =)
eleh..bahagia kononnya..
yeng a not?
haha..Wait Kit I forgive u..
Bye Calvin!
Wai Kit..wahaha
Hong Liang and Liki
Kuo Wei..
Chin Ming..u jus look damn funny!
I see dis photo I vry gekk..hmphhhh
I oso wan hug Snowie..
Chin Ming's t-shirt
Wen Jie..trying 2 wear Chin Ming's mom jacket
Liki and Yik Luei
Wen Jie,Chin Ming,Leon,Lily and Liki
same ppl plus Hong Liang without Wen Jie XD
dis 1 is without Leon
enuff le la..I wanna go home d!!

HAHA..I'm gonna miss our gathering..I thnk dis is our last gathering b4 SPM..All the best in ur SPM!!

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