Rhythmic Gymnastic Olimpic

August 24, 2008

I jus finished watching Rhythmic Gymnastic Olimpic-Individual All-Round..

Tee-Hee..Evigenia Kanaeva won 1st..2nd is Inna Zhukova and 3rd is Anna Bessonova,4th is Olga Kapranova..Fuiyoh..da competition was so tight..evry1 was doin their best..I thnk Olga Kapranova is quite dissappointed wit herself..Her marks for rope,hoop n ribbon was 18.0+ but clubs she onli score 16.0+..sighh..I can c da sad n dissappointed look on her face..=(..Honestly,Inna Zhukova getting 2nd was sumthing unexpected..I thought she would get 4th..Anna Bessonova was oso quite dissappointed wit her mark..especially club..at 1st,she got 17.0+..but lower than Olga Kapranova..Olga Kapranova dropped her club n wasn't stable..so Anna Bessonova was unsastified wit her mark..she cried..her coach phoned up da judges n request 2 recheck da mark..and yes,indeed..der r sum errors wit da marks given..and she took over Olga Kapranova's place..

Da competition was marvellous..evry gymnast did their best..

And Evigenia Kanaeva got 1st =)

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