School Holidays..

August 23, 2008

Wondering wat I was doin over da holiday?I sleep..a lot!!eat..bath..and watch olimpic..and study a lil bit..reli a lil bit..til now haven't finish 1 chap oso..

The event tt I wanted 2 watch most is the Rhythmic Gymnastic..da competition were..NICE!!Too bad Shi Ning couldn't watch..she's in Perlis 4 rhythmic gymnastic competition..wahaha..Bluekk..I love Evigenia Kanaeva..She is reli the BEST gymnast..OMG..she is so..*speechless*..urmm..she's reli reli reli good..U guys shld watch..

Evigenia Kanaeva

She is reli talented..she's onli 18 years old frm Russia..
love da pink leotard..
and the pink rope
look at her toes..
once a star..always a star..

Also,I like Olga Kapranova..she's 20 years old and oso frm Russia..

The next person I like is Aliya Yussupova..she's 24 years old frm Kazakhstan..

Next,I oso like Anna Bessonova..she's 24 years old and frm Ukraine

Don't u jus like da 3 of them?
Anna Bessonova..Evigenia Kanaeve..Olga Kapranova

2 more days n skl starts..time flies..I'm x prepared 2 face da exam yet..see,I'm stil on9..watching tv..goin out..die lor..die lor..I better go study rather than spending time bloggin..wahaha..

Gambateh!!I support Evigenia Kanaeva,Olga Kapranova and Anna Bessonova!!

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