Traditional Costume Competition

August 05, 2008

Last Friday,Bobo,Jay Wvin n I went 2 find costumes 2 wear 4 da upcoming competition on Monday..
dis is wat I wore..
Jay Wvin..looks so funny!
he start 2 memorise poem..
smile =)
#1 Bobo and Liki
#2 Bobo and Liki

Oh NOOOO!!!I didn't realise it was gonna happen tt fast..T.T..I'm not prepared for da catwalk..Bobo and Jay Wvin haven't decide how is da formation gonna be!LOL..I went 2 skl,holding a vry big orange bag..wit sum dangling sound*kinda annoyin* n I had no idea wat m I gonna do!!yea,almost 4get abt my hair and make up O.o..

I quickly ran 2 Bobo n Jay Wvin in da morning,n v discussed abt da formation..I reli had no idea wat shld v do..Shi Ning was too busy wit her stuff,so she x choi me..Bobo n Jay Wvin were fixing Jay Wvin's jus thnk of da formation den discuss wit Bobo n Jay Wvin..v did modify n stuff ^^

Competition starts at 1.40pm and I hav 10th period(starts at 1.40pm)!!=_=..Jie Yi helped me 2 make up in class while Shi Ning helped me 2 tie my hair..Jie Yi is reli pro in make up..Shi Ning,u tie my hair not bad least it didn't fell off >.< style="color: rgb(204, 102, 0);">5th group..and..hmm..v did fine..I guess..LOL..Dun ask..Bobo was vry funny! Jay Wvin..Me..Bobo..
Liki and Shi Ning..
Jay Wvin and Bobo
Liki..Kah Men..Sin Yoong
Liki and Xian Tze
Liki..Jay Wvin..Xian Tze
#1 perpaduan..
#2 take two
Bobo and Liki
our last pose..

Tt competition was held jus a short while..After tt,I had lunch wit Shi Ning,Wei Chuen,Tik Lam n Xian Tze(all separated)..Shi Ning n I laughed for 5-10minutes NON-STOP abt Bobo on stage..It's damn freaking stomach vry cramp..T.T

I wanna go 4 duty in library but I'm too late so..=/..I went 2 BSMM room wit Shi Ning n Xian Tze cz both of their leg got blue-black..was so tired after da competition..

Bobo,Jay Wvin n I had fun tdy..=D


We Got in Top 5!!!!
Finals on 11th August 2008

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