Wei Lon's Bday

August 16, 2008



Haha..seemed like many ppl's birthday on August..All these r August months baby..Wakaka..Last nite,Tik Lam called me up n told me abt da plans n stuff..=D..I'm lookin forward too..

V sang birthday songs 2 Wei Lon in choir..n after tt,v went 2 Domino's n grab sum pizza..Tik Lam,Meu Ye and Yik Luei went 2 buy cake n presents 4 him..Wei Lon is so damn blurr case..haha..v all bullied him..Mayb he's anthr blur + noob king..HAHA

Pictures tdy:
Wei Lon..doin his normal blur look
Calvin..dunno wat he pointing..
Shi Ning and Sin Chien
like a moon rite?
hungry ler..food!!
nvm..Miaw Fen n I eat 1st..aaaaaa *open mouth*
Dunno wat they trying 2 do..
retarded Calvin..
Kheng Hoe damn cute rite?
act yeng izzit?

So..after tt,I saw Tik Lam n Yik Luei sneaking in Domino..v quickly hide them..and I pretend 2 take photos so Wei Lon wun look outside..they wanna bring in da cake..
it's jus 2 divert Wei Lon's attention..look at Tik Lam bhind..
Sin Chien,Meu Ye and Wei Lon
eleh..thnk u got so many girls izzit..haha
guys..ermm..Meu Ye..wat u doin inside??
I said guys..=_=

Den,Tik Lam n Yik Luei brought in da cake..n v sang bday song 4 him..
happy a not?
make a wish..
v tried 2 cheat him..by taking out da candles..
can't u c da ring??
no he stil can't
and he eat jus like tt..
he dun even noe how 2 cut da cake..
I told ya..
Meu Ye..hu seemed 2 b speechless..
Tik Lam..not knowing wat 2 say..
Ee Zhen..got so gekk tt she posed in dis pic wit tt 100plus bottle..
oh well...
facial cream..
eat eat..
I look bak at da videos recorded..Tik Lam..I noe u put tt cookies on his head..
cuci muka..
posing wit tt ring..
eat luuu..
anthr 2 pieces..
Pizza ordered by Mr.Liow Chern XD
Wei San n Huey Zhin..
mua cake..
Huey Zhin n Sin Chien
yea..hot stuff!!
eat eat..Calvin used my camera 2 stalk Yik Luei..stil stalking..nyahaha..

Great party tdy..Wei Lon told me it's da 1st time he celebrate bday wit fwens..oh well..dun wry Wei Lon,V'll celebrate it next time as well..=)

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