Yik Luei's Bday

August 10, 2008


U arh..grow old d luuu..evry1 is older than u except me rite?HAHA..Sry I was late(not reli)..I said I was supposed 2 go ur hse at 5pm..yet I reached around 6.45pm..Tee-hee..hmmm..I thnk dis is my 3rd time visiting ur hse..

Anyway,once I reached his hse,Meu Ye,Kah Men,Sin Yoong,Sum Hooi n CJ reached oledi..V sat der n chat 4 a while..den went up 2 his room..His room is like a kindagarden room..no nid 2 explain..but it's a warm feeling..=)

Then,v had dinner..Caramel,Yik Luei's English Poodle(see,I so specific) is sooooo CUTE!But Hippy cuter..hmph!After dinner,v went up 2 Yik Luei's room agn..Kah Men,Sin Yoong n Sum Hooi left 1st..den CJ..
Hippy cuter than Caramell!!Bluekk..
Juliana and Liki
Liki and Meu Ye
Cj,Liki,Kah Men,Juliana and Meu Ye
Cj and Liki
Yik Luei and his guitar..
his bro's pillow..HAHA..kawaii..
Yik Luei and Cj..XD
Yik Luei sorta kena rape..look at his reaction..XD
Sum Hooi,Liki and CJ
Kah Men,Liki,Sum Hooi and Yik Luei
#1 Yik Luei and Liki
#2 Yik Luei and Liki

After they left,Meu Ye,Juliana,me n Yik Luei talked whole night..til 12am..tt Yik Luei damn potong steam..he was like "45 minutes more til 12am.." HAHA..Meu Ye,Juliana n i was like "Okkkkkk....*laugh*"..and v made him open ALL da presents b4 v left..
candle = torchlight
opening Ee Lynn's present..
look at him..*wink*

I was da last 2 leave..and I manage 2 make him open my present last!!
like baby onli..
Happy Bday agn!

I'm not sure how many presents Yik Luei received but..I thnk he had a wonderful 17th Birthday..=)

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