It's Time To Change

September 19, 2008

Been using tt same blogskin for more than half a year and I get bored of it already - I do like it >.<..So right after skl - more like right after exam,I went home n on9 for 9 hours?LOL..Sry lar..need 2 destress..>.<..Suddenly got mood 2 change blogskin plus Kah Men helped out so,jus change onli I took quite a long time 2 pick da blogskin..In fact,Kah Men picked da blogskin wit me..I choose sum and pick frm those few choices..and we did a lot of editing..wahaha..took us more than 5 hours..haha..BUT..wahaha..finally done..but I might do sum editing agn in future..weeeee~~

Special Thanks To

When I got da Add Math paper 2,I flipped n checked whether evry page is printed..suddenly Keenen goes "eh..Li Shawn wor.." and the class was like "huh?where?" and v saw his name in Question no.2..Mr Lean set da question..Kah Men told me tt,da day b4,Mr Lean told Li Shawn he's gonna be famous tomorrow(meaning today)..ahhh..v finally know wat he means..and I heard Mr Lean sayang Li Shawn a lot

Li Shawn,u're famous now huh?Da whole CHS who took Add Math Paper 2 today knows u now..haha..

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