September 14, 2008

SPM Trials is stil on..For another 2 weeks..So how can you destress?

1) Exercise!even if you go for a walk for 5-10 will help your body to get rid of adrenaline and produce endorphins (a natural tranquilizer) - My Biology not bad huh..Not to mention you will not only feel better, you will also look the part..

2 Stretching can also help you fell relaxed..When a person is stressed out then his body muscles become tense..Stretching helps you to bring more flexibility in your body muscles..This can in turn help you fight off stress for a much longer time..Some people use stretching for warming up before a workout..But it not necessary, you can take stretching as an exercise..Try different stretching exercises that focus mainly on your shoulder muscles and back muscles..

3)Take a break- Take time to relax, sleep, and maybe even take a vacation if you can. Your body does not only need it; you deserve it..Don't overdo it =_=

4)Listening music is the fastest and most effective way for me..I listen to music and study..all the time..but it doesn't work for everyone..I've asked some of my friends..they would prefer to study in a peaceful and confortable environment..

5)Go cut your hair!!I cut my hair..Part of my sanity's been cut off with it..LOL hair now..

6)Go online..who say exam time you can't online?
Don't let study interfere your play time!
-Xian Tze-

tala tala~
I'ma continue studying..Chemistry and Modern Mathematics on Monday..Sejarah on Tuesday T.T..I am really studying 1 subject in 1 day..Oh gosh..

Hippy oso accompany me study..
Ooi Hippy!Dun gimme tt sleepy look!!U'll make me sleepy!!

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