You Ask Me How?I Also Dunno Worr..

September 17, 2008

I looked outside the window..I stared at the structure question..and I looked outside the window agn..knowing nothing to write..I dun even noe how 2 crap..I hope da essay part save me..It's da 1st time I felt Sejarah is difficult..I dun even have confident whether I'll pass or not..
I went outside my balcony and looked up the sky..I've never celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival since form 2..Form 3 v were busy preparing for PMR..form 4,v were having exam..and so does dis yr..Kinda miss all da candles..mooncakes..tanglung..=(..One good news is..tomorrow is a holiday!!!weeeee~~..I'll b home preparing for othr papers..All the best!

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