Happy Birthday #1 Pink Latte

October 31, 2008

It's my 169th post today..and it's been a year since I've started writing in Pink Latte..It's jus a place 4 me 2 express my feelings,a place 4 me 2 keep my pictures and abt wat happened on that particular day..sorry if I did offend any of u..I didn't mean to offend any1 here..jus my point of view so I don't need any of ur comment abt wat I write here..unless I asked you to..XD..

Speaking abt today..ya..I had a really really really bad day..some of you might as well knew already..I hope you guys understand tt evryone's patient has limit and pls don't overdo it..Thanks to Choon Lim,Jason,Ken Wei,Eng Yuan and Edmund for cheering me up..I noe da guys won't bu shuang me..*mayb some* but the girls obviously start 2 bu shuang me already..but,how 2 u expect ppl 2 respect u if you don't respect othr ppl 1st?Listen if any1 is talking lar..you have your own group der..And I do have rights 2 stop you all frm touching the choir piano..If got anything missing or spoilt,note tt Tik Lam n I have 2 bear the responsibility..As wat Choon Lim said "there is no such thing as dont want to make enemies..i share the same thinking when i was in form 2..but it's not possible..last day d..those who dont understand you are not your true friend"..and Edmund said"we needed it..hey im used to ppl yelling at me ok?..dun feel sorry la.."

I didn't mean to yelled at all of you..Especially Fiona..sry sry sry!But don't do that agn..I was seriously mad and angry at tt time ok..I was controlling my temper so when you guys are too over,I just..burst..but not completely..I stil can hold..so it's a reflect wat I said 2 you..sorry Fiona..We'll jus go up and sing like frog for graduation tml k?Don't care how does it sound like as long as we have fun on stage!!Sorry guys and girls..

I did not managed to talk to Shi Ning..James..etc that much today..I am really really gonna miss every1 and everything..I'm gonna miss James,Keenen,Ian,Ren Hong and Lee Young's noisy voice and annoying laughter..and many many many things..and I did went skl everyday after trials bcz I didn't wanna regret missing skl..wearing skl uniform of course..
Ooo..I'm at the bak!
all of us..
see my bag and pencil box behind?XD
with Pn.Sim..
Ian and Lee Young..
the original frm website..
Shi Ning and Liki wearing 5S5 shirt!!the size of the shirt is soooo BIG!..S size tau!
and it's 5s5 agn!!
It's us!^^

and it's my younger bro's birthday today!!
choco cake!!
my younger bro and his cake!
Chin Ming giving present 2 my bro!
Lee Li..my younger bro..Lee Yin..Liki..and Chin Ming
Lee Li conteng n stick on Chin Ming..
Koon Rui is so scary behind!!!AHHHH!!!

It's the last day of skl tomorrow..and I already started crying last night..

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