School's Out, Memories Past, Don't Ever Doubt, Our Friendship Will Last..

November 01, 2008

Today is the graduation day..Oh gosh..Time flies..I've already been in CHS for 5 years and now I graduated!!..sigh..I couldn't sleep the night b4..was thinking abt how life gonna b after all my fwens be..will v ever see each othr agn?..sigh..I woke up extra early in da morning..I dun wanna missed anything today..nothing..

WARNING!It's all pictures and words..If I've taken photo wit you..feel free to grab it!
and I started my camera action in Chin Ming's car..on da way to skl..
Lee Young and James..been sitting bhind me for 2 years..
and my class early in the morning..
sun is shining on Boon Wei like ghost..
Liki,Kah Lee and Shi Ning
clockwise frm left top: Hua Yin,Kah Lee,Shi Ning and Liki
My class 07' monitor and 08' treasurer..Jun Mun
the one and only BOBO..
Hui Yee..a vry sweet girl in my class..
the BOSS- Xin Ni..
retarded Zhen Yoong 1..
retarded Zhen Yoong 2..
Elizabeth..I thnk she's da 1st girl I talked to when I entered S5..
Shu Ying..they called her tiger..
Jia Jian - the quiet one..
Ping Hoong and Yuen student in my class!
Yi Mei and Joo Anne..Didn't reli talk 2 them..they're quiet =/..
a vry friendly and funny guy - Eng Yuan..
panda - Yi Rui
he was shocked tt I have a bro..and he knows him thru Dota..Boon Wei..
Wei Quan..he seems 2 noe evrything =/
Sin she's not frm my class..v knew each othr thru choir =)
she's so sweet 2 make sumthing for us..
nice rite? ^^
Ian Beh - funny and smart..
look at the colour difference!!Jie Yi is super duper too!
Yu Fai..he's oso x frm my class..knew each othr thru Chs Idol..
Edmund Tan..crazy fella who got ASEAN scholarship to Singapore..RAWR
James..pemain Cello di MPYO!
Chun daddy..
oooo class 08' monitor..yellow house captain..potential leader,Jay Wvin!
Jia Le..he can b quiet and
Derrick..sat in front of me for 2 years..
Chan Yip..I couldn't differentiate him wit Joseph..LOL!!science!science!
Yen Hsian..sweet and pretty..she's form6..
Sean Paul..always wit his weird stuff..XD
Kheng Aik..our skl 'olahragawan' and a swimmer!
Xinyi..our ex-headmistress daughter..
I enjoy the moment of grabbing Chs Idol Champion for Group Category together..Kah Yan!
A vry friendly and sun-shining guy who will always make my laugh..CJ
singer?dancer?you name it! He's Benedict..
Ee Lynn..good in drawing..
Timo-wan-wan!!Sitting bside in form2 was sooooo much fun! XD
Free-spirit..Wen Jie!
Chee Han..I like to call him uncle XD
I miss sitting bside Calvin too..he'll give me present whenever!
Kenny Roland..jus knew him thru CJ..
Liki..Shu Xuan..Astin..Ee Lynn
Zhini..I always heard Wei Ji talked abt her last time..haha..
look..evry1 is lining up 2 enter the hall..
Hwee in singing
Mei Wei and Chee Mun..both so little and cute!
Meu Ye..we oso knew each othr thru choir..
ooo..decorations..for us?
entering the skl hall..
look at the's Purple!
wat a coincidence James and Jason sit bhind me XD
Joseph..Mun Hon..Chun Hui..Jia Jian..Kock Hwa
reli coincidence they sit bhind me..YAY..I won't b bored!! XD
Ok..I didn't noe I have dis photo..wat's wit Jason? RAWR..and wat I'm doin?
Mun Hon..also a vry funny guy..damn hardworking..
I'ma graduating..
I'm cool..
we girls rock!
ready to take our leaving cert..
me receiving my leaving cert..
I'm gonna miss da skl..
Kah love
Hua member..
Liki..dicipline thcr..CJ..
the form 6 performances..
Wei Lon..I also noe him thru Choir..hehe..
Wei Ji..nice fella..
Seng Tzer..scout president..damn cute wan..
Rebecca..I won't mistaken u as Rachel anymore >.< Chee Mun..nice
Yi girl oso..
Penny..the cheerleader..
Hong Liang..can't wait to go NS..
Yeong Chyi..super super tall..haha..but she's vry cute..
Leon..STUPID act..STUPID look..funny and silly..
Calvin agn..look at his innocence smile..awwww..
Ken Wei and Liki..peace!
Astin..sweet sweet wit *ahem*
my class thcr - Pn.Yap
Biscuit..Bing Xiong..
Kai Jie..ooopss!Chun Hui changing bhind..
Wei Seong..damn kawaii wan!
Eu mom always laugh when I say "TanEuChinTanEuChinTanEuChin" lots of time
Wai me!!
Jia Cheng..the photographer..
Keenen,why ur face so blur and cute wan?..Liki..Zhen Yoong..
Wei Chuen..always gap lui..
Hui Ning..LAME queen..
Pei Ni..the big sista..
Shi Ning.."shining" gymnast and cheerleader
I-Ting..wit her graduation bear..
Damian's prefect shirt is full wit mine! XD
Siew Foong..Liki..Pei Wen..
Mei Wen..the innocent girl..
we're the tuition gang! v're not couple..
Wei Chuen..Samuel..Liki..
Benedict weeeeeee~
all of us..
must take pic in toilet!!
in case you guys wondering how's girls' toilet like..NAHHH
after evry1 left..
Meu Ye..oh LOL..I'm already sweating..
the thcr tt chose me 2 represent Red House..
Rong Hui and Liki and OH MY GOD..Zhen Ting looks like hamsup lou bhind!!
Chin Ming..I'm sure he'll make u speechless..
once v reach MV..
damn hungry weyy..tired..
eat eat!!

the 'father' and two 'daughters'

In case you guys wondering..I did not cry leh!!long and tired day..
*puff*...lastly..say bye bye to my uniform..

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