A Simple Photoshoot

October 14, 2008

Sry 4 not updating my blog for sumtime..I'll b blogging lesser n lesser evryday and might not blog at all during SPM..>.<..PMR week is a skl holiday for my skl..whole week neh!!haha..dun jealous XD..anyway v'll make full use of da time so v x waste any of our time..

Was called for a simple photoshoot last sun.. while waiting for make up..
anthr set of make up 4 othr girls as well..
setting my hair..
da photographer..
1 of the shots..
I got abt 15 shoot..
da clothes set prepared der..jus a part of it..stil got de..
my mom and me..I noe..my mom damn young rite?XD..
I x make up..onli put mascara n lipstick..no eye shadow no foundation or blusher cz they want a pure look wor
my mom...1 of the hair stylist der n me..
on da way home..traffic jam eh..raining summore..
and traffic jam so sien den..u noe lar..XD
bye bye for now ^^

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