We're Just Silly Little Girls

October 05, 2008

Lily drove to my hse agn tdy..but dis time,her sis tagged a long too..jus 4 a lil while though..*mayb cz her sis wanna c my bro*..LOL..hey!I was jus joking..dun take it seriously..no joke,no laughter ma..haha..
my younger bro..
dis is Lily's younger sis,Lee Yin wit my Hippy
and she loves my Hippy
she even wanna steal Hippy bak..HMPH!

Lily then sent her sis bak..and v head to gym!
Lily and Liki..cycle to gym?
No lar..Lily drive..the driver,Lily!!
view frm bak seat..
la la la..
#1 Liki and Lee Yin
#2 Liki and Lee Yin
Lily..forced to smile..LOL
Lee Yin and I camwhore a bit in car..
Lily bu shuang..haha!
OUG Club..
Lily's 1st parking..taaa-daaaaa!!
the pool..
da gym..
heavy ar?
see how I do..
Lily's turn..
I can't lar..
I can jus die here..LOL
dis is fun..
Lily and Liki
workout is good!

and then,v headed bak to my hse..
the driver..
and her 1st passenger!
both tired..
and exhausted..
driver wanna sleep..
bak home!

the pictures below are the condition of her car:
and bended in..=_=..resulted by her and her sis's pro driving..food!
Liki and Hippy!!weeeeeee~

we took bath..and try on sum makeup..
magazine guide..
my mom oso wanna play..LOL
I oso helped..
Lily,after make up
I oso wanna try..haha..

Then v went 4 dinner and rushed to Lily's hse to get her stuff and bak to my hse..
going 4 dinner..

My bro then send me and Lily to MV..and v're LATE for movie T.T..missed da front part agn..can't blame me,Jason..haha
My bro drift..O.o
rush rush rush
stil smiling..
Liki and Lily
Lily..camwhoring while my bro driving..
Liki and Lily agn..

We were late for movie..missed da front part
action movie..cool!
on da way to Toilet..
dunno why Lily snapped..
and I sot wit her..=_=
realised my bro n Jason r both pink!awww..sweet..
Jason wit his McD
Lily and Liki
my bro..
Jason,thanks 4 ajak-ing me watch movie..
going home..
then Lily drove home weee~

Her petrol tank was almost empty..and she doesn't wanna go pump petrol..at least she stil can drive home haha..luckily her hse near my hse..else she stucked in da middle of da road..haha..Felt like I spend my whole holiday wit Lily..haha..F.U.N!!!!

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