You had me at Hello

October 25, 2008

Hey..haven't been here for quite sum time..can you believe it?It's almost the end of da yr..and I'm graduating next friday..AND SPM is anthr 17 more days!oh no..I'm so worried tt I couldn't finished evrything by then..sigh..It's stress-awareness month so I must relax..chill..

Last friday I went bak 2 choir practise..Well,I do plan 2 visit choir 4 da last time b4 v graduate..Raymond msg-ed me 2 go too..It was fun 2 b bak to choir..I miss's da 1st club I ever joined in chs..and *puff*..Now I retired frm my choir..nevertheless..I'm vry proud 2 b part of chs-ian and chs choir member..I'm sure choir made skl proud by being 4yrs champion in distinct level..champion in state level n entered international level..It was all sweet memories..

Tdy was oso Nian Xin's bday so Miaw Fen they all prepared a bday cake 4 her..the surprise seemed 2 fail cz they switched of the lights but forgot to switch off the moment is so funny..Tik Lam fell down frm chair..laughing so hard..V played musical chair too..believe it or not..I was actually the ONLY girl left in the game n won!..and wat must I do?POLE DANCING!!!Tik Lam n Wei Lon won they dance on Raymond(the pole)..while my "pole" is Miaw Fen..and my "pole" danced wit me..XD

It's almost 12am liao..
Happy Birthday Tik Lam!You're the BEST CONDUCTOR in state level 2008..I noe you had quite a miserable!=) always have us..chs choir rocks!

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