FREEDOM!!! *screams*

November 28, 2008

FINALLY!!!!!! SPM is officially OVER!!! Ended wit EST paper which..a simple exam but damn hard to score A1..V were all actually jus talking n walking in skl tdy..there's ntg to study for EST!! Tell me..EST is so wat? lol

Well,v finished our exam 5minutes earlier than the exact time! -our class shld know why =)- so v're the 1st in the whole skl to SCREAMMMMM!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ SPM is OVER!! Ooo-Laaaa-Laaa!!

At night,few of us gathered and had steamboat!! It was FUN!!! I was late..not bcz of me but the traffic were congested! I was stucked in the jam for more than 1hour!..sry..and I'm quite surprised to see 30+ ppl turned up! And after tt,my bro and Koon Rui took me to Neway!!
Koon Rui and my bro..
*pout*'s my hand..
ssshhh..let's sing!!
buffet!! got Sushi!!
it's 4am already..

I must be crazy..Non-stop playing!! wahaha..but there's one bad news..I got 3rd batch for NS..wat shld I do?Help?

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