November 15, 2008

SPM starts on the 11th November..nice number rite?1111 year 2008!I bet evry1 hop on bed early but couldn't sleep..SPM seriously scares me..I couldn't sleep properly everynight no matter how late or how early I am on bed..

I stil rmb..when I went to skl on the 11th, evry1 was surrounding the office board to check where they sit in exam hall..Probably our skl exam is special..or mayb Lily's skl is special..she took exam in exam hall..I mean REAL exam hall..and we took exam in our class..I took exam in class 5P2..Imagine we take it in Dewan Brother Phillipe Wu..O.o..And I sit bside the window..oh good!! I've been sitting bside window during exam since form1..even during PMR! YESH..my feng shui place mayb?

1st day of SPM is reli chi gek..why? bcz it's SEJARAH!!!..tt's 1 of da point..and u wun know wat to do..ur pengawas didn't say anything..u're too nervous to even notice whether you are blinking your eyes or not..2nd day of SPM and onwards you'll feel much calm..starting to get lazy..wishing SPM to finish quickly so you could enjoy your life..I would say our invigilator was all nice except dis lady who make such a big fuss when Ian x bring his exam slips..she dun blif Ian is Ian although he had his IC and sms the ketua pengawas =_=

And there's this invigilator,we called him Doraemon..he's quite chubby..dunno whether he's a malay or chinese..but he is so..CUTE and funny..I thnk being pengawas is quite a boring thing to do..He laze on the table..rub his sleepy eyes..look at us..yawn..hold a pencil/pen..and START TO DRAW THE TABLE! Vandelisme!!LOL since then Jie Yi and I noticed him

Many silly stuff happened during SPM..SPM can b quite fun ya? I bet it'll b even more fun without SPM =_=..SPM is causing pimples on my face..panda eyes..backache..sleepy Liki..tired Liki..Oh..I'm tired of SPM..pls end it quick..

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