November 29, 2008

I've been waiting for this day since last year..We've planned this day since last year..Even before SPM we decided this day to try it out..What is so special about this chicken pie?I thought..and the night before,Shi Ning and I talked about how the chicken pie looks like..What makes James and Lee Young so tempted about it?

I thought I would reached the lastest..Suprisingly,Lee Young was the LAST to reach! O.o..and then,we all entered that coffee shop..
Lee Young..
Me doing sum funny face..
yum yum!
I couldn't describe how wonderful this pie is..simply irresistable..JUS staring at it makes me hungry..AHHHHHH!!!! I'm not telling u wat's inside..
Look at Lee Young's face..
Yes it is..
Shi Ning..

I'm craving for more chicken pie now..I'ma gonna dream abt it tnite...AHHHH!! I Love tt CHICKEN PIE~~ I WANT!!!! CHICKEN PIE!!!!

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