1st Day In Pangkor Island

December 16, 2008

Weeeeeeeeeee~ Today I'm going to Pangkor!! I know 2 days ago is prom and today I'm going to Pangkor!! It's the last class trip for 5S5 2008..T.T..Bit sad but we must have fun!! Althought not much ppl participate in this class trip, I know we'll all have fun =)

We gathered at Esso Petrol Station in front of our school early in the morning..surprisingly I was the 1st girl to reach..and saw many guys were already there..
1st picture of the whole trip =)
acting cool
camwhore camwhore

After every1 gathered,we headed to Bidor Town..and waited for 5S6 there..
is this a cat or rat? It shall remained mystery..
on the way..
we pass by paddy field..so green-ish..
the weather is vry good..

After 5S6 reached, we proceed to Lumut Jetty and head to Pangkor Island..Our tour guide, Andrew booked a private ferry and prevented us from queing and squeezing in a public ferry.. A lot people took the chance to see the sea and the view outside or the second floor of the ferry..
in the ferry..
I didn't get sea sick =)
clear blue sea water..
the tour guide and stairs to upstairs
Liki and Shi Ning
outside view..
the warning sign
but we didn't care..lalalala~
it's hot and sunny!
love the wind..
the waves..
I'm already sweating..
hot hot hot! I mean the weather!
seriously I'm loving the sea..
in the ferry..enjoying the wind..
it's so nice to stare outside..
speed boat I sat when I'm form 2..
wonder wat's this for..
can't really stand straightly..
the wind..*screams*
looking thru the door..
can't wait to jump into the sea!
Edmund and Liki
Liki,Edmund and Shi Ning
we screamed out loud!!

Once reached Pangkor Island,we were each divided into groups with number..I'm group B number 11..Coz the "taxi station" was under construction,so it's quite messy der..We stayed in Coral Bay Resort room 202..All the girls were in room 202..while guys is in room 201 and 203..
the cat and wei chuen's luggage
Wei Chuen and Liki
#1 Shi Ning and Liki
#2 Shi Ning and Liki
the pink 'taxi' we sat
in the 'taxi'

It was almost like free day whole day coz the journey to Pangkor Island is really tiring..Lunch was not provided so we need to hunt the food ourselves..OMG,everywhere is full of ppl so Shi Ning and I ordered burger to eat..While evry1 had lunch,sum nice guys have to walk up and down few times to bring the luggages the room and at the same time it's impossible for them to remember and identified which luggages belong to us which doesn't, hence problems rised..There's only 2 toilet in 1 apartment so every1 was rushing to use the toilet..hehe..
in Coral Bay Resort
the burger stall
Xian Tze working LOL
the mirror in our room
the living room

After a long rest,we had our dinner in some restaurant opposite our apartment..After dinner,we walked around the whole resort..thinking wat to do..I ran over to guys room and kacau them..
our 1st dinner together
Shi Ning and I in the beach
my leg and Shi Ning's
leaving footprints..
the guys playing sea water..
mine..and don't know who's leaf..
Liki and Shi Ning
souvenir shop
I ran over to look for S3
the sand-birthday-cake
Ying Yi's birthday!

Shi Ning and I were both tired so we sleep quite early..Shan Di and Hui Yee was on the same bed as me while Shi Ning sleep on the floor bcz she claimed tt she'll kick us down..haha..

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