2nd Day In Pangkor Island

December 16, 2008

2nd day in Pangkor Island was packed with activities..It was the most tiring day between this 4 days and 3 night trip..my breakfast was junk food! LOL..

Woke up early morning today and went to sea side to collect some sea shells..haha..so fun!!
morning breeze
sum guys playing sea water..
the footprint is so cute!!
acting penguin..
beach dog is so xin fu..
love evrything there..
found spongebob without pants
poor bobo..was so tired n wanted to go bak to sleep
me me!
the end of anthr beginning..
hot choco for breakfast!

Later we went Island hopping and snorkelling..snrokelling was fun!! I did not really use the equipment..thank god I did not get any allergies towards sea water..and then monkey bay to take lunch and play with water there..After playing in the sea for some time,I wasn't feeling so well..probably coz of the wind and water..it was freezingly cold..so Shi Ning went and play in the sea while I was sitting under the tree watching them..Some of them went banana boat..On the way back, we get the chance to see sea cucumber and sea urchin..Chun Hui and othrs 'dipped' me into sea water..throwing sand balls to me..walao eh,sand ball can b really as hard as a stone..LOL..RAWR,I didn't managed to sit banana boat again..sigh..nvm..Still got next time XD all of our room was so sandy..so I was like "Zhen Yoong! So sandyyy wan..." and then he look at me dressing like hawaiian preparing to go beach "you lar..waaaa..so beach-y.." =_=
island hopping
Liki and Shi Ning
crocodile head
greenish sea water..
monkey bay!!
strong wind~
too strong till I can't open my eyes..
Jie Yi and Liki
Liki and Benedict..woooo-8 pax!
I noe Jay Wvin posing here =_=
Wei Seong and his watermelon!
Hui Ning and Liki
childish Chin Ming
Liki and Samuel
footprints in the sand
acting crazy! XD Hui Ning->Liki -> Hui Yee
Hui Yee and Liki
group pics of 5S5 and 5S6!

I rushed back to apartment so I could take bath 1st..I really can't take it..almost fall sick..I ran bak to apartment quick and took bath..feel so much better after that..HAHA..

At night,we went on Sunset Cruise where each of us hav to pay extra RM50 to sit up the cruise..We stopped in the middle of the sea to watch sunset..and inside the cruise there's nice decorations and karaoke..it was fun..vry romantic and sweet..Love that moment..though we didn't managed to see sunset..the clouds blocked the sun =_=
Liki and Shi Ning
Shan Di ->Hui Yee ->Liki ->Shi Ning
jus read frm top..
nice scenary..
the sky..
pole dancing!!
it's getting dark..
we're pink!
love the sun
a group pic =)
it's just us..
look at the clouds..
it turned so fast! candid..
I also want!!
near...far....wherever you are...
Liki and Shi Ning
I'm on the sunset cruise!

The uncles there were all vry friendly..Yes..I know..probably you guys already guessed this..I drank okay?..and I got drunk..=_=..RAWRRR..I know I get super high and stuff..and drowsy-of course..but I am still concious..I know wat I do kay? RAWRRR can't believe I was the 1st to drunk in this trip! This is the 1st time I drink..and I drink 3/4 of the can only weyyy!!
our dinner..this is just the opening dish..
I find this vry funny..haha..
december babies..
Liki and Shi Ning
the vry nice uncle
ice kacang!
damn full weyyy!
sing karaoke in the cruise!
OMG!! wat Jason and Boon Wei wanna do??

"Then we headed back to the "disco"which actually the cruise. Mr Toh danced with them. Li Kee was drunk!!! Omg! She hold the beer and keep drink it like water... I was scared... Luckily the other guys and girls were there take care her..." -copied from Chun Hui's blog-
my half-drunk and half-awake picture..

I went back to apartment and play cards with my fwens..Tt time I was awake d..then I started to feel dizzy again and headed back to my room to sleep..I almost fall in the bathroom because I couldn't stand properly..I was holding the basin tightly so I don't fall..I jumped back to bed and sleep like a pig till next morning..

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