3rd Day In Pangkor Island

December 17, 2008

Walao..I woke up today..My hands were pain..My legs were pain..everywhere pain..They told me I was drunk last night and I was super high..I danced and danced..Can't believe I danced like crazy in front of every1!! AHHHH!! I even stole Mun Hon's beer and drink! =_=..

Vry tired today..Headache..probably coz of the alcohols ytd..AHHHH I can't believe I danced myself in front of every1..fine..fine..haha..We don't have any activities this whole day so we planned to make our own activities!

I woke up at 5am just to watch sun rise..though we never get to see it,the morning breeze was very comfortable..I was too tired..still having headache so Shi Ning accompanied me back to apartment to get some sleep..
it was really early..
too early till my eyes aren't open yet..
it was silent...and calm..
look at my sleepy face!

Woke up at 10am..and had maggi mee for breakfast..cleaned up a bit coz we're going home tomorrow - OH NO!!! I washed my seashells I collected yesterday and packed my clothes.. then we went to have lunch at the same restaurant - opposite our apartment..hehe..

Went back to apartment to get some rest..the alcohol effect was so great..Still tired..Then we don't know whether to go swimming or cycling 1st..I insist to go swimming 1st coz cycling in evening is more fun..so we went swimming in the pool..
a picture after bath..fresh~

Hui Yee and I didn't really swim coz we go Pangkor Island to swim in apartment? Like no rite? So we're just in pool for about 1 hour and up to bath and wash our clothes to dry in apartment..After that,we went cycling around the town..Shi Ning was not feeling well so I cycle myself..pretty nice scenary..cycling beside the sea..watching sunset..seeing monkeys..haha..nice =)
going cycling!!

Rushed back to dinner at the same restaurant =_=...but the foods were different lar..so was ok lar..After dinner,some went Restaurant Coco to eat and sing k..I with some other ppl went to jetty to find 5S6..they're on sunset cruise today..the jetty journey was so far!Because there's only a number of bicycle,some guys have to cycle the girls..I sat on the same bicycle with Bing Xiong..haha..I was the radio..singing..I see the guys cycling till so exhausted..Thanks so much guys =)..

It was so messy in the apartment..many ppl was drunk..Some drunk till wanna suicide and some drunk till aiyaa...really drunk lar..no comment..vomits on the floor..Yi Rui and Ying Yi argued..vry vry messy..I don't dare to touch alcohol already..not gonna drink..haha..they said why I suddenly so obedient..LOL..although I didn't drink,they say tt I'm 'high'..

"I went to bed almost 3 and seriously a lot people 'high" already even those without beer like Li Kee..." -copied from Chun Hui's blog-

Zhen Yoong was thrown down into swimming pool..and Jia Le too..coz it was their birthday..haha..I watched frm upstairs..so fun..weeeeeee~
Jason was sewing my bag..>.<

I planned not to sleep that night but it was really messy,I dun like to see all this things happened..and I am tired..so I went to sleep around 2-3am..I still hear them playing..Oh and today,finally I get a chance to play PSP and PS2..wahaha! ^^V

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