4th Day In Pangkor Island

December 19, 2008

It's the last day in Pangkor Island..we have to gathered in the lobby by 8am..so didn't managed to get up early to go to the beach..we packed quickly and today every1 was a panda..all with dark eye circles and heavy eye bags..wahaha..

Oh yes,mystery solved today..I lost my small black clip for the freaking four days and guess where I found it? On Shi Ning's head.. =_=..She accidentally took my black clip and claimed it's hers..LOL..I am still dizzy..lack of sleep and rest..
we going bak ler..T.T
the street..
1 of the shop..
wanna buy souvenir!!
I bought these!
couple t-shirt?no lar..class t-shirt..haha..
tired and sleepy weyy..

We sat ferry back to Lumut Jetty..on the way,every1 was sleeping..tired..haha..Had lunch at Bidor Town and ate their famous duck mee..then took bus to Taman Rekreasi Air Panas (TRAP) Sungai Klah..Hot spring water..fuiyoh..the water there super hot!! we tried the water from 30-35 ,then 35-42 and finally 42-50..we can't stand the heat anymore..sum of our foots were already red! Plus the hot weather..cannot tahan..bought ice-cream and cold water to cool down..hehe..we even ran to cold water side..damn syok!
Liki and Joseph..
outside view..
Zhen Yoong retarded look..
We're on the ferry!
cute necklace!
picture on board!
staring outside view..
Lily's style..haha
everyone sleeping in the ferry
Hui Ning and Liki
shading from the sun >.<the caterpillar! It's black!!
dumb dumb Zhen Yoong..look! Hui Ning is at the bak!
Jia Jian and Liki
the missing word..

I took picture with evry1 in my bus..reached school around 7pm..and then some lorry stucked in the middle of the road so traffic jam..and sum ppl took photo in the middle of the road =_=..saw 5S2 also came back from Langkawi..they said vry fun..
Liki..Aaron..Wei Quan..
Zhen Yoong and Liki
Baboon..love his eyes colour-contact..
Mun Hon and Liki
woah..Chun Hui looks scary here..>.< Jun Yik..Bobo didi XD
Pei Ni and Liki
I like Huiyi's new hair colour =)
Bobo is tanned already..
Ee Lynn and Liki
Liki and Jie Yi
Yi Rui and Liki
retake retake XD
Astin and Liki
Liki and Eng Yuan
Liki and Kai Jie
Zhen Ting and Liki
Liki and Xian Tze
Liki and Shan Di
Liki and Hui Yee
Jia Jian and Liki
Jay Wvin-he jus woke up and Liki
Jia Le and Liki
Ying Yi and Liki
Brian and Liki
Edmund and Liki
Andrew(tour guide) and Liki
Liki and Kok Hoe
Liki and Shea Shin
Li Shawn and Liki
Liki and Wen Jie
Zhen Yoong curi take my sleeping pic on bus!

It was all memories..Although things happened during the trip..but,I've learned a lot..I've gained something from this trip =) something that nobody else would..

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