Amali Talk - For Driving

December 29, 2008

I went for the Amali talk for 6 hours today..I woke up early ar! Uncle fetch me 1st..then fetch another two girls..what a coincidence,uncle went and fetch Jia Chie after fetching me! and I didn't know it was Jia Chie..=_=..I even asked her which school she's from and stuff HAHA..till she said "I'm from Catholic lar!" haha..

Saw Jia Le standing alone..I walked up to him and chat a while..Aaron came..So nice to have someone to listen the talk with least you wouldn't be that bored..Jason told me that the talk today won't be so boring..honestly to me,damn suffering..I want to sleep! Lucky to have Jia Chie,Jia Le and Aaron to accompany..Saw Eng Yuan too..he was late..haha!

After break was not that boring because we have drawing competition of the lecturer's face! wasn't that boring after that..waiting my turn to drive was quite boring but lucky to have another friend I jus made there and we hav a little chat..some malay lady there taught me how to change spare tyre and stuff..she was kind though she looked fierce XD

After my 1st official driving,

the malay lady: Ishhh..tak aci..kamu sudah pandai
Liki: saya pernah pandu van mar
the malay lady: yala..saya dah tahu bila tengok cara kamu pegang steerling
Liki: O.o

not bad lar..It was fun driving!! Aaron and Jia Le keep complaining coz I've drove more than 3 rounds there..Go wherever oso saw me..haha..

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