A Cinderella Story

December 14, 2008

Hey guys..Today is our Catholic High School Prom 2008!! and it's my 2nd time attending a prom!! Thanks to Jiunn Heng for bringing me to prom last year..I did have fun =)..This year,our prom is held in KL Hilton and the theme is Viva Las Vegas..sounds cool eh?

I couldn't really sleep well last night..I am very excited about the prom tonight..It is our last and final gathering..and everyone will be in formal and nice..pretty girls and dashing boys..I know it's my 2nd time going to prom but it's different! Different place,different people,different theme..everything is different! and I do feel nervous too kay? heh..
prom night ticket
prom night ticket

I started preparing for the night approximately around 12pm..I called the same girl who used to make up for my last year prom to make up for my this year prom..I like her style of make up..Professional! Oh ya,she use 28 hair pins for my hair! LOL..She came around 3pm..same like last year..but she gotto rush to make up a bride around 5pm..So after she's done with my make up,it was near 5pm..and I have got nothing to do..HAHA..I watched "Sex In The City" while waiting for the time to come..
before make up
make up-ing
not really done yet..
doing my hair..
This girl damn pro..
my hair! I think it's almost done..
I haven't wear any accesories..

Oh ya,everyone has been wondering my whole prom cost..here it is..
Prom Dress=RM550.00
Prom Shoe=RM49.90 (last year)
Prom Bag=RM69.90 (last year)
Prom Ticket=RM110.00
Make up and Hair=RM120.00

my temporary tatoo ^^

okie larr...Didn't really spend tt much rite? At least I use back my last year's stuff..I was so sket to reached there early..to be like the weird one walking around?..
my ticket to access..
my mom and I

Funny thing is,my mom found the building but we don't know how to enter! Going round and round the road..saw the building but don't know where to enter..haha..the guards there were very strict..my mom put me down at lobby where there's ppl open the car door for me! Weeeeeeeee~ and when I reached there,quite stunt..I see nobody I know till Jason walk up to me..he was with Chun Chee,Chun Hui,Eng Yuan,Boon Wei,Zhen Yoong,etc..
Pei Wen,Liki,Kock Hwa and Chun Hui
Chun Hui,Liki and Chun Chee
Wei Lon and Liki

I went in toilet..fuiyohh..those girls..they shocked me..they stayed in the toilet talking..haha..all dressed pretty!! I saw Wei Lon after I came out from toilet..*phew* coz we're all sitting together..then Ee Zhen joined us..and more choir people joined us..Luckily I took them to the right place..though I've never been to KL Hilton..Level 6 Ballroom! =)
Wei Lon and Liki
Ee Zhen and Liki
Liki and Chia Feng

Wei Lon sort of be my handy bar..I couldn't walk properly with heels..I should start training to wear heels weyyy! and so,we came out frm the lift,we walked in pairs..Tik Lam and Raylene,I'm with Wei Lon,Ee Zhen and Meu Ye..those people was like "woooooo-hooooooo" when we step out from the lift and walked to the ballroom..while waiting for registration,we took photos..snap snap snap!!
Liki and Rachel
Wei Quan and Liki
From left: Tik Lam,Raylene,Ee Zhen,Hui Yuan,Xinyi and Liki
Eu Chin and Liki
Wei Chuen and Liki
Liki and Choon Lim
Liki and Choon Lim
Xian Tze and Liki
Ann Chee and Liki
Sin Chien,Liki and Meu Ye
Shi Ning and Liki
us girls..
us again..
walking to red carpet..
Sin Chien,Meu Ye,Hui Yuan,Xinyi,Ee Zhen,Shi Ning and Liki

And there's a red carpet..with a big "PROM NIGHT" banner..every1 get a chance to take pictures before entering the ballroom..There's 10 person in a table..We sat in Table No.1 which is -me,Shi Ning,Wei Lon,Raylene,Tik Lam,Juliana,George,Farah..there's 2 empty seats at our table so Heng Ching and Farhan sat with us..I can say our table is the most sporting ones..oh ya,Wei Chuen's table was behind me,and a loudspeaker was behind them..super loud..I can feel my heartbeat with the songs..haha..
the lights..
our drinks..
our tables..
our table number 1!!
the stage..
the ceiling..
sweets on the table

1st was speeches by the organizers..some introductions..then buffet..Magic performance by Wong Yi Pei..
the ballroom
Yi Pei..
snowie man!
the stage..

then,breakdancing (oh gosh I missed it T_T)..singing performance..and DANCE..we were dancing whole night..ya..fast dance..damn high..I suggested Shi Ning to take off our shoes and hit to the dance floor..and so we did..it was so fun..ya I danced with Jonathan..he was like "You're good wey!" XD..For slow dance,I danced wit Yik Luei..he was like "where'd u get your dress?" =_=..and then Wei Chuen..OMG,dancing slow dance wit Wei Chuen is so weird!! He was so funny larr! "Ok,I think this is the time to say this..Liki..You're so pretty tonight" LOL..I was like "Ermm..ooookaaayyyy..you looked handsome too =)" and in just a blink of eyes,the dance floor left 3 pairs only..Wei Chuen and I was one of the 3..I was thinking..this is not right..then Wei Chuen say "RUNNNNNN!!!" and we both ran back to our seats..evry1 in the ballroom cheered..."woooooo-hoooooo" when Wei Chuen and I ran..LOL
in the toilet..
Liki,Shi Ning and Jolene
Liki and Hui Yee
Liki and Shi Ning

Lucky Draw session was sooo funny..they have mystery gift..which turned out to be a packet of Maggi Mee..and there's 2 airtickets to Bangkok!! Wei Lon was like "I don't want airticket..not airticket.." *praying so hard*..Victor,the host,announced the number.."1......2......" Shi Ning was hoping it to be 6..then Victor said "8"..The spotlight dunno who to shine on..and Wei Lon..with his I-Don't-Believe-It look stood up..Shi Ning and I was shocked! and then cheered..it was sooo funny..Victor asked him what's his feelings of winning it..

On stage..with mic..
Wei Lon: I don't want to go Bangkok
Victor: Why?
Wei Lon: It's very dangerous there

Shi Ning and I were laughing hard there..our table cheered the loudest..and it was super funny!
my lucky draw cards..
Lucky draw maggi mee!!
Wei Lon getting his air tickets..
Wei Lon's air ticket..

It's obviously damn weird to talk to everyone..they're all dressed so formal and beautiful!! Compared to last year,this years' guys dressed more varieties..more fashion..That's just my opinion..no offense ya..It was certainly a splendid night..I really had lots of fun..oh and I molested Shi Ning..LOL! Sorry..didn't meant too XD..I put a tatoo on my back..seemed to caught lotsa attention..Wei Chuen was like "OMGWTF..is tt real tatoo?" no,he's not the only one that asked that..FYI,it is jus a temporary tatoo..

Oh and these are the titles of the night:
Prom King---> Brian Cheah
Prom Queen---> Cindy Bong
Best Couple---> Loh Kee Siang & Ang Hui Inn
King of the Dance Floor---> Andrew Ng

Best couples..
Cindy Bong
dance dance dance
Edmund and Liki
Edmund and Liki
Liki and Farhan
Liki and Wei Chuen

After prom night,we all were outside..snapping photos..unwillingly to leave so soon..It's hard to find a chance like this..with every1 dressed up so nice..gathered together..CHS rocks,ya? and my dress terkoyak when I was dancing..but it's jus a small hole so nobody realised..*pheww*
Kenny and Liki
Shu Wei and Liki
Liki,Sean Paul and Wilia
Liki and Meu Ye
Liki and Meu Ye
Liki and Cindy
Liki and Cindy
Siew Foong and Liki
Liki and Ee Lynn
Yee Thuan and Liki
Yik Luei and Liki
Eong Shern and Liki
Boon Wei and Liki
Xiau Yen and Liki
Eng Yuan and Liki
Liki and Astin
Samuel and Liki
Liki and Wei Jiat
Shu Ying,Liki and Shi Ning
I don't think his from our school
ermm..I forgot her name >.< pretty girl!
Liki and Wei Kuang
Ian and Liki
my tatoo..
Saw Jee and Liki
I also don't know who is this..LOL
Liki,Mun Hon and Shi Ning
Fiona and Liki
Choon Lim,Liki and Jonathan
Siew Cen and Liki
blue -> white
Sin Yoong and Liki
Liki and Jia Pei
Yi Lynn and Liki
Liki and Kock Hwa
the ballroom
Liki and Benedict
I also don't know who is this
Liki and Sum Hooi
Ken Wei and Liki
George and Liki
Liki and Juliana
Farah,Raylene and Liki
Jason and Liki
Jason and Liki
Is this Isaac or Jacob? =_=
I think this is Jack rite? XD
Liki and Wei SeonDer Ching and Liki
Liki and Mei Wei
Hui Xian and Liki
the decoration
Tik Lam and Liki

When I leave,some strangers at the entrance was like "fuiyohh..Cinderella arrr.." and Tik Lam was laughing at me =_=..
Juliana,Farah and Liki
Liki and Sin Chien

Wei Lon,me,Tik Lam,Meu Ye,Juliana,Farah,George and a few of Meu Ye's friend went to Neway to sing k..My bro was so nice to fetched me home around 3am..my younger bro followed too..they went McD to buy breakfast at 4am!! =_=..Reached home around 4sumthing and I'm already exhausted..it's been a long great night..I used 8 cottons to remove my make up and jumped to bed at 5.10am..Tired~ nevertheless..I did have fun and enjoyed the night..

Thanks for all the memories guys..Chs Forever ^^V

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