Early Birthday Celebration

December 23, 2008

I went 1u and it is to celebrate my birthday,Ken Wei's bday and Edmund's bday..Many ppl ffk,so only 4 person came actually - including Hao Yap..
Liki and Hao Yap

There's othr people come n go like Kah Ming and a girl which I forgot her name..Ken Wei left early..This is my 1st time really get to know Hao Yap..He's in the same class with me in form1 and form 3..so basically we knew each other for 5 years but we've nvr talked..After sing k,we went to watch "The Day The Earth Stood Still".. vry meaningful..

It's fun to shop with them..Thanks for the set of clothes you both get for me =)
the little kid trying to put his hand up the air like me too! damn cute!
this tree so cute!
I'm the KING!!
sum deco in 1u
why cards? christmas?

so tired..we left when the shop closed LOL..

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