Eat While It's Hot!

December 12, 2008

As promised,Shi Ning and Jason came to my house and then Jason would drive us to Niu Ze Xui to dine at FullHouse..AHA! It's my 2nd time going to Niu Ze does Jason..whereas it's 1st time for Shi Ning..

Lily asked me "where is Niu Ze Xui? Is it like a chinese shop or wat?" Actually Niu Ze Xui is a shopping some ulu places where not much people knew abt dis place..There's ntg to walk there..

I almost fell asleep waiting for Jason and Shi Ning..when they arrived,they did toy wit Hippy..I think Hippy is afraid of Jason LOL
prepare?Let's go!!
Shi Ning highlighted her hair..
Jason,you didn't highlight your hair to camera buat apa?
oh yes..I sit at the back!

We drove to Ai Yan's house to get Leon's,Chin Ming's and my leaving cert..and then went SS2 to buy hook -which I called it thumbtack- XD
it started raining and..sry lar,tt thing is so funny..
Poor Jason have to get down frm car to wipe the mirror..
this mirror so cute wey..
"Big House" located bside "FullHouse"..blank weyy
Jason got so thirsty..
seriously Shi Ning's hair damn punk-ish..
She owned tt road XD
"I'm back to Mamma Mia!!" -Liki-
Mamma Mia..drawings?
she almost break tt stairs..
"Shi Ning's house"
"Liki's house" opposite her house aja..
cute mini cake!!
three-storey starbucks! thing still taller than you!!
=_= yes I know it's taller than me too..
entrance of Full House
we sat at the balcony..
from old mickey..
to the new mickey!
"Ahhhh..Shooo the bird away! It gonna shit in my balcony!" -Liki-
why can't lar v sit up there..
the cute menu..
Chicken Bolognise Spaghetti..and tt "green-thing" is so funny HAHA
Cappuchino..I wanted Cafe Latte! no more d T.T
Fish n' Chip
I can sure finish makan..Jason you see larX!
at night they on the lights..
all disney..
our table also got light =)
after dinner then Jason sent Shi Ning bak..and then me..weeeeeeeee~~

Thanks so much for bringing me to me and Shi Ning chance to try the foods there..heh..and thanks for being the driver =)

Ooooo I'ma going to Lily's house now!! help her to pack to Italy!

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