Edward Cullen is so CUTE!

December 04, 2008

We return our SPBT books today..heh..quite boring actually..then I had breakfast with Wen Jie,Chin Ming and Leon..Leon is going to Sibu for his "National Service"..lol..It's some camp where he had to go for 3months..but have to pay as well..isn't it just sound like NS?

Anyway..after breakfast..Jason drove me to Sunway Pyramid..
he was waving at Chun Chee..
we kena hon when I say I wanna snap this picture..XD
I Love S5..
sot already...taking picture in the toilet..
Oh ya..Jason still waiting outside..he must me wondering what am I doing in the toilet..LOL
damn nice rite?I want sit that little merry-go-round..eh..I sat in Genting d..lol

We walked the whole Sunway Pyramid..ooo..I bumped into Yong Tatt..he's currently working there..heh..I was window-shopping..thinking what to buy..Jason and I went to watch Twilight..then I went to Wen Jie's house to play mahjong with Timothy,Chern Jung,Chin Ming and Wen Jie-of course..
AHHHHH!! I want a vampire boyfriend!!

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