Genting Trip

December 03, 2008

It's been a long time since I went out with my 2a4 darlings..Some can't make it cz they have accounts for,Wen Jie,Chin Ming,Yik Luei,Chern Jung,Leon,my younger bro(he jus wanna tag along) and I went up to Genting Highland..

Yik Luei was the whole bus was waiting for him..some of the adults were so rude..I can't believe the society has become like you can see,I'm the only girl..going Genting with 6 guys..damn chun rite?haha! So the bus leave at 8something..then Wen Jie and Chern Jung catch up cz my bro wanna tag along last minute and Chern Jung was late..

Once we reached, we waited for Wen Jie and Chern while waiting,we had our breakfast..
Leon said he wanna ride..
Chin Ming taking all the fork and spoons..
morning fried rice..
Leon..anxiously eating the fried rice..

After meet up with Wen Jie and Chern Jung,we walked up to Gohtong Jaya..We're staying in the apartment there..It was a long journey..I think it's about 5km!! So exhausted..
Wen Jie and Chern Jung(eating lolipop)
Chin Ming's head and Yik Luei..
the apartment..
the tv..and radio..
the bed where I'm going to sleep..
the toilet..

Then,we walked to the Genting Skyway to take cable car up to go to the theme park..anthr long journey..but going down hill definately better than going up hill..the larger the mass,the larger the inertia
#1 Liki,Chin Ming,Wen Jie and Leon.."Really far ar!!"
#2 Exercise lar!!
Chin Ming,Liki,my younger bro,Wen Jie..
Leon trying to act like kid,starting to pick up those leaves and sticks on the ground..swinging it..
suddenly looking at us..
and chase us..sorry for the blurr image..can't you see that "thing" is flying towards me?
Chern Jung and Yik the the left.. jungle trekking..
the sign board..
"You go in..then enter the spelling contest =)" -Chern Jung-
"Go in then steal a horse lar..then ride us back" -Leon-
sun is shining brightly..
up the cable car..
and in the cable car..
number 8!!
so freaking high weyyy!!

We started playing in the theme park..outdoor and indoor..We screamed for all the rides..seriously..even the haunted house (for kids) also we screamed..every ride..and we were the noisiest!! Leon was so funny larx!! He screamed halfway then started laughing..even the uncle behind him also damn funny k!! And the uncle bside Chin Ming told him"I thought you screamed for a screamed non-stop ya..." LOL!

dumb dumb Leon PEKKK
Chin Ming also dumb dumb..
while waiting for the Flying Dragon..
Leon and Chin Ming..chasing us..whom both damn funny..splashin the water on me,Wen Jie and Chern Jung..the water is so dirty and smelly lar!! Got fungi somemore!! and it's so cold!! HAHA..but it's fun..
*thumb up* cool!! -look at Leon and Chin Ming stil wanna splash us
my younger bro and cool Yik Luei..
giant size Energizer..don't have to worry if there's no electricity..
Chern Jung accidentally did this..
Wen Jie ate it...
Chin Ming and Yik Luei too..
Leon doesn't feel like eating it..O.o
Chern Jung damn cute in this pic..
my younger bro..
I'm wet..and it's so damn freaking cold..
ok..I didn't stalk this little girl..the frog thingy she wearing is just so cute..XD
Wen Jie,Chin Ming,Leon and my younger bro went Corkscrew..
heavy mist..
while Chern Jung,Yik Luei and I went to Dinosaur land..
haha..I didn't know Chern Jung took this..
Chern Jung won a teddy bear for me!!
now everyone wants teddy bear too..
waste quite a lot of money actually..
I'm too happy to get a giant teddy bear d..HAHA..
Yik Luei's face so serious O.o
Chin Ming got a teddy bear too..
heh..tiny one..
but still cute..don't worry =)
my giant teddy bear!! Thanks Chern Jung!!
"ehh..see the moon smiling at us" -Leon-

We played in outdoor and indoor theme park till very late..then had dinner at Old Town Kopitiam..then rushed to Genting Skyway to get the last cable car back Gohtong Jaya..else we gonna sleep roadside..heh! I'm quite surprised we use only about 2minute walk frm Old Town Kopitiam to Genting Skyway..chun leh? Then we walked back to Gohtong Jaya in the dark!!! So dark leh!!I can't see!! It's really scary ok? Walking in hills during midnight..and it's dangerous..luckily we reached back apartment safely..straight away bath and they chat till morning..

On the bed..
Leon: I don't want talk already..I want to be pig..
Wen Jie: me too..let's be pig together..
Chin Ming & Chern Jung: .....*whisper*
Leon and Wen Jie copied..

damn dumb lar..and the video in Chin Ming's phone..
Princess: I didn't brush teeth for 10 days ar!!

Wen Jie: LEON AR!!You didn't brush your teeth for 100 years!! Damn smelly lar!!

I was laughing in the room..HAHA..then I felt asleep..I woke up next morning at 6.30am..nothing to I started cleaning up the apartment..and then sleep back..
Maggi for breakfast!
you want some?
"healthy" rite?
Chern Jung wat song you want? >.< Chin Ming so
blur image..
"I want eat ar..YUM YUM" -Leon-
Chern Jung and his graduation bear..XD
sleepy morning..
"my TWISTIES" -Wen Jie-
"Yorrr...I want the TWISTIES" -Chin Ming-
"come and take lar..nenenebubu" -Wen Jie-
"Now I got it ler..HAHAHAHAHA" -Chin Ming-
"..............." -Wen Jie-
*quickly hide the TWISTIES*
Nvm..Wen Jie and I stole some already..
Don't know what he's doing..
Chin Ming stiking out his tongue..
Leon..with his usual blur blur face..
"I know I sure win" -Chern Jung-
My younger bro..
Wen Jie..still liking TWISTIES
Liki bear!!

We took bus back to 1Utama..
chrismas coming soon!

then ate lunch in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng..damn hungry >.<..We then took taxi to Wen Jie's house and.. LOL? We were walking about this yesterday..damn cute rite?
Chern Jung teaching Chin Ming play mahjong..
Shu Xuan and Kai Lin came over too..Shu Xuan teach Kai Lin..
and Wen Jie teach me..

I got addicted to mahjong d..haha..but we don't gamble..just play for fun only..haha..tml have to return SPBT books..then go movie..and Wen Jie's house again..bwahahaha..we all sot jor..

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