Health Is Important!

December 22, 2008

I was supposed to do a little christmas shopping with Kah Men at Sunway Pyramid today..Reached early and hunt for food to eat..XD

A while later..Kah Men called me and say she's not feeling well..then she throw up in the toilet for 1 hour..Oh gosh,I was so worried and I have no idea wat to do!! I saw Kah Men fell on the floor..she was even so weak to respond me..luckily her sis and mom came and took her home..

Don't worry about me,ka..You shldn't come when you're not feeling well at 1st! Oh,I bumped into Mun Hon and Zhen Yoong too..they were quite shocked to see me alone..hehe..Anyway,glad Kah Men is fine now..and we're both looking forward for my birthday!! Weeeeee~~ =)

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