Impossible To Forget

December 26, 2008

My birthday this year is very special and meaningful for me..I never had people doing so much for my birthday..I really really appreciate it..
my first bday cake not bought by me..

Many first time happened to me..First time I celebrated my birthday in Redbox Karaoke,First time people buying birthday cake for me..First time people planning a birthday party for me and invited so many friends..yes..I did had fun..
thanks people..
picture with Chia Feng and Tik Lam b4 they go NS..
choir roxx!

Thanks for all your wishes and making my birthday a memorable day for me to - Lee Li, Chin Ming, Chern Jung, Wei Ji, Kah Men, Kai Lin, Wen Jie, Jason, Shi Ning, Boon Wei, Zhen Yoong, Mun Hon, Aaron, Bing Xiong, Jia Le, Kok Hoe, Jimmy, Sze Von, Boon Ping, Hui Ning, Hui Yee, Shan Di, Chun Hui, Juliana, Chun Wai, Calvin, Yee Sim, Yi Chin, Yik Luei, Jiunn Heng, Chun Lim, Choon Lim, Edmund, Hao Yap, Ken Wei, Xian Tze, Tik Lam, Chia Feng, Rong Hui, Jia Cheng, Zhi Shan, Kah Yan, Mark, Kelly, Wei Chuen, Wei Lon, Koon Rui, Debbie, Yvonne, Lee Young, James, Wai Kit, Timothy, Peat Ming, Eng Yuan, and Astin -hope I did not missed out any of you >.< -

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