Liki Hopes She Was Hippy

January 13, 2009 Hippy here taking over!! haha!! I know you guys miss me..Honestly..look into my eyes..does my face look silly today?I have no idea what to do..

Everyday I would just eat and sleep..I can't go out of the house because I don't recognised road..Then I can't come back to my Liki..and living in paradise just eating and sleeping..
I am dead bored..nobody wants to play with me..
I might wanna try sneaking out the house sumday..

Oh ya..Liki really doesn't know whether she needs to take fourth subject or not? There are many factors to be considerate..How?I cannot help her worr..I wanna thank those who leave comment on her cbox..talked to her whether thru sms or msn or phone call..You guys helped a lot =)
Need to sleep again..g'night all..


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