A Meaningful Christmas Party

December 20, 2008

Kelly invited me to a chrismas party yesterday and today..It was totally awesome! It's organized by CYC and the ppl there were all vry friendly..I met new friends like Mark,See Mun,Chien Yin,Kah Yan..etc..

I saw Gan Xin Hui! I called her "Gan Put Put"..nvr seen her in a year after she left CHS..I would say this christmas party is vry special and meaningful..the teenagers there,have their own life story..and each of them were strong now..some tried to commit suicide for love..take drugs..tried to killed someone..but they're all now strong and hav faith! I enjoyed having a talk and get to know each of them..

They're all special..We are all special..I've gained an unexplainable meaning of christmas..
you'll always have someone that loves you..jus that you wouldn't notice =)

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